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Janet Parsons
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How long can a driftwood wreath last on an exterior door?

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  • It would depend on what it’s made with. The driftwood would last for years, I think, but glue or ribbons or whatever not so much. Also, if the door is covered by a porch or whatever. :)

  • Maura White

    If its strickly drift wood, then it can last years. It already took years for the driftwood to become smooth. You could also cover it with a clear varnish to help protect from weather.

  • Betsy
    13 hours ago

    Hi Janet: A lot depends on what it's subjected to weather wise, rain, snow, sun, wind, etc. If nothing is effecting it, it should last a good long while, years, even ;)

  • Morgan McBride
    14 minutes ago

    Is it covered? How is the driftwood attached? Driftwood itself should weather well. Glue however might breakdown.

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