Half-lite door glass replacement--24" by 36"

I need to replace the surround (rim) on the glass in my 3-0 steel half-lite exterior door in my garage. The door is a standard one-and-three-quarters-inches thick. The actual dual-pane half-inch-thick glass size is 24" by 36". I understand that the only way to obtain the surround is to purchase with the glass. 22" by 36" is common, but I need 24" by 36". Suggestions? Thanks.
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  • Adrianne C Adrianne C on Aug 28, 2014
    Contact your local glass shop, they can get it for you tempered.
  • Ken Boone Ken Boone on Aug 28, 2014
    Thanks Adrianne, but five local glass shops have all told me to keep looking. More important than the glass (I have it intact) is the plastic surround.
    • Adrianne C Adrianne C on Aug 29, 2014
      @Ken Boone Must be your location. Where I am it's a different story. Perhaps try online? In fact, my friend has a glass shop and he might be able to get it, but shipping would be another story, we're in Northwest Florida. Also, I found lots of doors for sale at the Habitat for Humanity Restore, even bought one for parts to get the insert. It was cheap enough.
  • Pat Pat on Aug 28, 2014
    First thing that comes to mind is an auto glass shop....If that doesn't work, even though the glass is intact you may have to buy both glass and plastic surround.
  • Ken Boone Ken Boone on Aug 28, 2014
    I'll planning to purchase both glass and surround. My problem is finding it in 24x36.
  • Pat Pat on Aug 29, 2014
    Can you contact the manufacturer of your door? Or even a local garage door installer/vender.
    • Ken Boone Ken Boone on Sep 01, 2014
      @Pat The manufacturer of my door is unknown or generic. Locals all say there is no such thing as a 24x36 surround available.
  • Patricia Yorker Patricia Yorker on Aug 31, 2014
    my son has a glass shop and ofcourse the glass has to be tempered so they have to place an order but u should be able to have them order it anysize. it may come with or without the surround but the shop could install your surround if it doesn't come that way when ordered
  • Ken Boone Ken Boone on Sep 01, 2014
    @Patricia Yorker -- I have the 24x36 glass, intact. My original surround is broken and needs to be replaced. I would be glad to order the surround from NY, if it were available. You're saying they could fabricate a custom surround? Would it cost less than a whole new door?
  • Pat Pat on Sep 02, 2014
    What is the surround made of? Wood? Fiberglass? Metal? Surely someone can fabricate one for you.....don't give up.