Asked on Jul 7, 2012

Walter, what is the best, fast growing shade tree for Georgia gardeners?

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We are in Greensboro...HOT
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  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson)
    on Jul 7, 2012

    Maple 'Autumn Blaze' will grow around 2 ft a year if happy. It is a cross between a red maple and the fast growing the silver maple. It has beautiful fall color and a very sturdy tree.

  • Cherry W
    on Jul 7, 2012

    Great! Thank you!

  • Douglas Hunt
    on Jul 8, 2012

    You might also consider Zelkova serrata, about which Ohio State's extension service says, "Zelkova serrata is one of the two best large shade trees with a vase shape, with a rapid growth rate and stately appearance that, coupled with its other ornamental features of summer/autumn foliage, fine texture, and attractive bark, make it a truly underutilized tree in modern landscapes."

  • Zelkova is a fantastic urban tree. I love the smooth darker grey bark contrasting with the lighter green leaves. If you grow two near each other they will make a vase shaped arch which makes a beautiful statement. If it's autumn color, got to go with the maple.

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