Asked on Nov 11, 2019

How can I kill fleas in my carpets?

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  • Dfm
    on Nov 11, 2019

    check with a local vetrnarian

  • Lifestyles Homes
    on Nov 11, 2019

    Salt everything and try to dry them out using that.

    Remember that flea eggs vacuumed up, will hatch in the vacuum bag and come back out. So throw away your vacuum bag right after vacuuming it.

  • Dianacirce70
    on Nov 11, 2019

    You can get food grade DE (diatameceous earth) at farm supply stores. Sprinkle that in the carpet and let sit for a couple hours, vacuum it up and discard the vacuums contents outside. You will need to do this every couple days for several weeks as it will kill the fleas but not the eggs

  • Having worked in a grooming salon a while back I learned that the only way to truly eradicate your flea problem is Vacuum, Vacuum, have to keep vacuuming them as they go through their life cycle. Vacuum often and regularly. Re-apply whatever treatment you're using often so that you can eventually stop the cycle. Good luck my friend!

  • You are so welcome!

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