Asked on Nov 12, 2019

How do I weatherproof windows in an aesthetically pleasing way?

Lynn Oli-JonFiddledd224Gk


I have done the plastic and it works, but is just not anything but ugly. I have to do something due to high winds and cold temps.

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  • Michelle Leslie
    on Nov 12, 2019

    Hi Dusty, here's a great article that shows a few ways to weather-proof window - I hope it hepls

  • Gk
    on Nov 12, 2019

    I put plastic on my windows every year because I live in a very cold climate. It does save energy, keeps any condensation off the windows, and stops any drafts from making the house feel colder. I too HATE the plastic look! I use sheers on my curtain rods with heavier drapes/curtains on each side for the winter. I have round rods and use grommet top curtains so I can close the heavier drapes in the evening. It still lets in light but I don't have to look at the plastic!

  • Fiddledd224
    on Nov 12, 2019

    Try a different method....line the inside of your windows with heavy duty blackout drapes to muffle sound AND cold/wind.

    • Fiddledd224
      on Nov 15, 2019

      I mean hanging sound and light- reducing drapes inside the window frames (a spring rod is the best way to hang them), with another set of drapes hung outside the sash to provide double protection from cold and drafts.

  • Lynn Oli-Jon
    on Nov 14, 2019

    I have extra full sheers on one rod then heavy black out drapes on another rod for the bedroom. For the living room it's the same sheers but thermal lined drapes instead. Keeps the drafts away quite well.

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