Asked on Nov 13, 2019

How do I clean my dishwasher?

John GrimleyKathy Gunter LawDebbie/Dragonfly Treasure


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  • Em
    on Nov 13, 2019

    a cup of vinegar on the top shelf in a glass measuring cup and run a cycle.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    Kathy Gunter Law
    on Nov 14, 2019

    After making sure the dishwasher is free of any food particles, place a cup of white cleaning vinegar in an open dishwasher safe container on the upper rack and run a short hot cycle. The sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of the unit and run another short hot cycle. This will clean, sanitize, and make it sparkle.

    Prior to adding detergent, put one (1) drop of blue Dawn in the dispenser. You will be amazed at how much better your dishes will look, especially glasses and plastic.

  • John Grimley
    John Grimley
    on Nov 17, 2019

    I'm intrigued. All the adverts for dishwasher tablets/pods go to great pains to tell us how their product removes all the grease and food residue, deals with hard water stains and leaves everything coming out spotlessly clean.

    These same manufacturers then tell us how we need to buy their special detergent to remove all the grease and grime left behind...

    Sorry, whatnow? If my tablets were leaving grease and grime behind, I would be quickly changing my brand.

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