Asked on Nov 15, 2019

How can I prop up an artificial tree so it stands up in a crock?



6 answers
  • Zard Pocleeb
    on Nov 15, 2019

    How tall is the tree? How big is the crock? Are you planning to use the crock again?

  • Jodi strasburg
    on Nov 15, 2019

    Put rocks and then smaller stones in it. I’ve done it with a real tree too. Works good. I had everything in my back yard so it was easy!

  • Jessica VanderVeen
    on Nov 15, 2019

    You could try putting rocks around the base

  • Em
    on Nov 15, 2019

    Have someone hold it straight and fill with pea gravel. One bag should do it for under $4 at Home Depot. Just rinse before you use they usually have a little bit of dirt on them.

  • Gk
    on Nov 15, 2019

    If your crock is big and you can fit a tree stand inside the crock then I would use a tree stand.

  • Pat
    on Nov 16, 2019

    Are you saying the tree stand is permanent and it won't fit in the crock? Looks like you either need to take the stand off or get a bigger crock. The idea sounds good. Good luck.

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