Asked on Nov 17, 2019

How do I change the color of my metal wall art ?

DeeSea Trace CreationsWilliam


I have metal wall art in avocado, brown, and orange colors.

Would like to update to grays, black, silver.

What is the best metal paint to use?

Thanks Angela

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  • Michelle Griffin
    on Nov 17, 2019

    I am in the process of creating a kitchen from a bunch of mismatched cabinets and hardware. I brought them all together using similar hues of paint and spraying all of the hardware, brackets etc even plastic outlet covers, with Rust-Oleum Universal Hammered. They have several different metallic colors. Just use tape to cover the frame behind the circles. Use press & seal to cover the circles you don't want painted that particular color, so paint won't peel off when removing it. Good luck hope you love it!

  • Fiddledd224
    on Nov 17, 2019

    Krylon spray paint. Mix up the many colors and textures.

    on Nov 17, 2019

    Any spray paint will work easily! Unless you want more colors on it at once?

  • Toni
    on Nov 17, 2019

    I love metal art ... I purchase at yard sales ... especially love Haitian drum art ... I use craft paint for small areas, and spray paint for large areas, then spray all with clear great, lasts forever, indoors and out. When I want a change, I just do it again!

  • FreeYourMind
    on Nov 18, 2019

    No tips have lots of good ones to ..just to say..That looks a decco like this. Have fun..sure it will look fab 👍

  • William
    on Nov 18, 2019

    Rustoleum 2X spray paint for metal.

  • Sea Trace Creations
    on Nov 18, 2019

    An easy paint on one with no fumes is the Folklore paints, certain ones in their lineup are for all surfaces.

  • Dee
    on Nov 18, 2019

    Rustoleum is the best for metal. They also have a spray primer. You can add highlights with Rub and Buff which you can get at Michaels or Hobby Lobby

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