Asked on Nov 19, 2019

How can I use shower curtains in the bedroom?

CindyKmdreamerKelli L. Milligan


Why can I never get the info on the first project in your message. I want to find out what you are suggesting to do with 2 curtains for the bedroom?Louise M Mancinelli

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  • DesertRose
    on Nov 19, 2019

    Emmi, is this the link you need for the shower curtains in the bedroom?

    I hope you can get into this one.

  • Linda Sikut
    Linda Sikut
    on Nov 19, 2019

    Hi Emmi,

    Some of the reason you feel this way is that the wording that is designed to draw your interest. It's Hometalk's way of letting you know that this is a good project to click on to see the rest of the story. Wishing you the best.

  • Kelli L. Milligan
    Kelli L. Milligan
    on Nov 20, 2019

    All you need to do us click on the teaser line inside the box. Just know the teaser line can be very misleading.

  • Kmdreamer
    on Nov 25, 2019

    Hang them behind your bed on a rod attached to the wall pretend there is a window behind your bed

  • Cindy
    on Feb 13, 2020

    Hi Emmi. If they have a pretty pattern, you can frame them. Turn your shower curtains into art.

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