Asked on Nov 25, 2019

How can I repair a stove top that has a white burn mark on it?

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HELP! I saw another post from someone who had this same problem. However it was from over a year ago and although people responded there never seemed to be a diffinitive answer. I left my empty tea kettle on my stove top and accidentally turned the burner it was on under it while cooking on another burner. When I finally noticed it the tea kettle was so hot and It scorched the bottom of it. A white circle of what seems to be burn metal is left on my stove top. I have tried scrubbing it off, it seems when I use my nail that it can come off however it’s really stuck on there. PLEASE HELP! What do I do? Is it ruined?

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  • Sprinkle with baking soda. Mist with white vinegar. Let sit overnight. I would lay paper towels over the top and mist with white vinegar until saturated. That should get it up for you with a minimum of effort and not scratch the glass cooktop.

  • Janice
    on Nov 25, 2019

    Naomie's advice is good. You could also cover the baking soda and vinegar mixture with saran wrap to keep it moist throughout the night so it can do its work.

  • Kmdreamer
    on Nov 25, 2019

    Have you tried Brillo or comet on a scrubby

  • Laura Cooper
    on Nov 29, 2019

    A ceramic top will etch easily if you use harsh things like comet. A magic eraser might help, but what I would recommend is a cream ceramic cooktop cleanser like weimers (brand doesn't matter). Wet the damaged area and put a liberal amount of the ceramic cooktop cleaner on it. Let it sit for at least a half hour keeping it wet. Then, using a BRAND NEW razor blade, and keeping at a very shallow angle, scrape off the damage.

    Wipe off the cleanser and debris with a damp cloth, but instead of rinsing you want to buff it dry. Ceramic cooktop cleansers contain a polymer that bonds to the surface and prevents future stains.

  • Here's a tutorial that uses baking soda:

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