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On the road to becoming a crazy plant lady. Nature indoor is an essential for your interior décor. Where you choose to place them will define your style. I have recently removed all my fake plants and substituted them for real plants.

Before I even thought of purchasing planters, I went to my kitchen to look for any unused old items. This was one of my creative ways to make planter out of my upcycled kitchen pot to add style to my home. This was a great solution to my home gardening problem as I did not have a budget to buy planters and I felt that the plastic cost friendly planters might look a bit cheap and clash with my style. 

So instead of buying the planter, I went through my home collection pots to see if they could make planters that fit my style. I also made sure that I drilled a couple of small holes directly into the bottom of the planter for good drainage

Then we did the planting that I propagated from my mums garden

This was such a quick, cost effective, gorgeous, rustic indoor planter to add zing to any home.

It is amazing how some fresh greenery and upcycled pot can liven up a space. I’m sure you’ll find a perfect planter from your kitchen that will work in your home

Suggested materials:

  • Pot from the kitchen  (Local store in Nairobi)
  • Plants  (Propagated from my mums garden)

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