Asked on Nov 27, 2019

How do I decorate a front porch that has railing?

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Ok, after 25 years I now have a beautiful white railing around my rectangular front porch. Before the railing I had a bistro table and chairs on the porch, and plants etc that could be seen from the road. Now, I have no idea what to put on the porch that would be able to be seen from road and not be hidden by the railing. The bistro table could go on there but really don’t want to do that I don’t think. Front door is goldenrod, storm door is white, shutters are hunter green, have a big picture window to the right of the front door which is on the left side if you are facing the house.I could paint the bistro set right now it is antique bronze, but it would have to be goldenrod to match door. Any ideas would be great. FYI not looking for Christmas decorations but something that could be used for the winter, then the spring, then summer, then I guess am looking for all the seasons that people can actually see lol! Thanks so much.

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  • Pamela
    on Nov 27, 2019

    Hi ! Your porch with its railing sounds very nice ! I would concentrate on decorating around it ...on your porch post , put up a flag holder , in which you can change out the flags with the seasons and holidays . Put up hooks to hang your porch plants . Decorate your front door with a wreath . I have a plain wreath and just change out the decorations on it ! Put lanterns with battery operated candles that are on timers

    in them , put them on each step gong up to your porch or a group of different sizes ones next to your front door .

    • Pamela
      on Nov 27, 2019

      Hi ! I live in NJ and lots of stores carry the battery operated candles. Most of them don't say timer on the front of the package , but if you read about them on the back , it will usually tell you ! Also quite a few of them come with remote controls , too ... just so you know , to work the timers on the candles, they have 3 strings on , timer and off . Wait until you want your candle to go on , like when it starts getting dark, Then

      Set it to timer , the candle will go on every day at that time and shut off by itself usually in about 6 - 12 hrs later ! They are GREAT!

      They also work well as a bathroom night light 😊

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    on Nov 27, 2019

    I always put rope lights on my rails. They add a nice festive touch. Perhaps a wreath on the large window. You can do a topiary. If you add the bistro set, you can leave bronze and put a tall piece on it that you can change out with the seasons.

  • E s desanna
    on Nov 27, 2019

    Maintain 1 focal point - It's your front door with the welcoming yellow.

    -It would punch your entry up some more if you got a larger sconce in bronze and lowered it.

    -Also you may want to consider painting the storm door goldenrod too, so that the both doors match and have a single larger impact to attract the eye.

    -The house has a lot going on visually with the brick, siding, railing and multi window pattern, so you might also think about removing the shutters. They are a distraction because of their slim size and cut-off bottom.

    -Your bronze bistro set would blend into the brick behind your railing, so no worries there. And from Kathy, do a topiary on your bistro table, or some other full fabulous plant.

    -Your wreaths look nice for the season. When Spring comes, get three yellow or green flower pots planted with yellow pansies for the steps on the left. As Pamela said, put up hooks to hang your porch plants.

    -For your landscaping, plant a forsythia at the right end corner of the porch at the seam of brick & siding. Let grow to higher than the brick level, but keep it lightly pruned.

    -For the rest, do whatever else pleases you in the garden. I can't tell what the tall shrubs are that are there (holly?) I suggest putting in a few shorter flowering shrubs that bloom at different times. Do you know about Beauty Berry? It's tiny blooms are lavender in the Spring and purple berries in the Fall. Purple is a good contrast to yellow.

    I hope you enjoy my suggestions, even if you don't like them for your house!

    • Margaret
      on Nov 29, 2019

      Wish I could paint the storm door yellow, but it is metal and last time we tried on a different storm door didn’t work worth a hoot, lol. And, to be honest that front door has been turquoise, lime green, red, and now safer to leave storm door alone!! The shutters are full,sized, when we took off the old to put these on the house looked totally bare. So they will stay. The flower bed I talked about below, I LOVE the idea of pansies , but why so you think only on one side? Just curious....the hooks are already there they have wind chimes and I have put up my flag, which we took down during windstorm. Flag is for autumn, until Sunday then winter flag comes out. We have put spotlights on the wreaths, added a wreath on the right side facing the street with spotlight as well. Tree is up in front window, I have put the dwarf nandinas at the bottom of the steps for now, ground is just too wet for them. Come spring it’s gonna be great!! Thank you!!

  • Robyn Garner
    on Nov 28, 2019

    I actually feel the front needs better landscaping rather than focus on the porch itself. Higher plants in the rear between windows, lower items toward the front. A shaped bed with focal smaller trees at the corners to anchor it all.

    • Margaret
      on Nov 28, 2019

      We have tons of leaves in our yard right now from windy rainy weather. The shrubs in the back of the bed will grow to 4 feet tall if left untrimmed, I have these in the back outside of my sunroom. The middle row are dwarf nandinas, which are currently in pots and in the front row are blue spruce junipers, only 6 months old. So,these will grow beautifully once growing season starts again, I also have daylillies in bunches as well that bloom twice a year. The area directly in front of the railings will have to,wait until spring since we couldn’t do anything while railings, sidewalk and driveway was poured and contractors everywhere. The 2 tall plants are a type of cedar, they will grow 6-8 feet and stay slim. I think we have the plant bed covered. I also have a kidney shaped raised bed off to the right that has a red bark maple tree in the center flanked by bigger juniper and on the ends we have bulbs planted for the spring.

      thanks so much!

  • Holly Lengner - Lost Mom
    on Nov 29, 2019

    Add a garland to the railing or bows on each post. There are lots of great ideas here:

  • Agnes Chrzanowska
    7 days ago

    I would use garland on the railing and move wreath to windows

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