Asked on Nov 30, 2019

How can I paint over wallpaper to change the color a bit?



... is lovely but the complementing wallpaper is not complementing it at all - a grey, silver and white elderflower vynl wallpaper. I'm thinking of trying a dull grey wash over the tree wallpaper to match the grey in the liked wallpaper. I'm not sure how this might work or if it will work. Can you suggest anything? Thank you for any replies, Yvonne

Wallpaper 1, the one I like !

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  • Unexpected Elegance
    on Nov 30, 2019

    Is the wallpaper raised? You might not be able to see the flowers if you use paint?

  • Ken Erickson
    on Nov 30, 2019

    I would paint adjoining walls

  • Michelle James
    on Nov 30, 2019

    I say go for it. Try a sample first and see how it looks in different lights at different times during the day. If you like it...keep going and if you don't. Well, then you know and you can formulate another plan.

  • Brooke Cribbs- Cribbs Style
    on Nov 30, 2019

    If you have another type of wallpaper, I'm wondering if it's too much pattern and that's why it's not complimenting? Definitely try painting on a sample first to see what you think.

  • Flipturn
    on Dec 1, 2019

    I would not recommend to paint over any wallpaper.

    Although it is 'possible' to do this, the problems and the mess that you will have trying to remove it will make you regret doing so.

    Decide on either the grey or the yellow wallpaper. Then remove the one that you prefer least.

  • William
    on Dec 1, 2019

    Try a small jar of sample paint and water it down 50/50. Try a small area first and see if it works. Use a sponge rather than a brush. Have better control.

  • Painting wallpaper is tricky as it's not really meant to be painted, it may rub right off. Try an inconspicuous spot first. Be careful not to saturate the paper too much lest it peels and bubbles. Ultimately, I wouldn't recommend painting wallpaper.

  • Dee
    on Dec 3, 2019

    I love that gray wallpaper. I would paint the adjoining wall.

  • Mindshift
    on Dec 3, 2019

    I do not recommend trying to "stain" over the wallpaper you don't like. For one, you need a special glaze medium that is expensive. If you use a gray-tinted glaze the yellow is still going to show through. It will be lighter and duller, perhaps, but it will still be yellow. You would be better off buying more of the liked wallpaper and doing the whole room.

    Most vinyl wallpaper was never intended to be painted over and removal is recommended unless impossible. If your only choice is to paint here is a link explaining preparation:

  • Johnavallance82
    on Dec 4, 2019

    Hello there,

    Not a good idea to try and paint over Vinyl wallpaper. It will look a mess and not stay put. Best to strip off the paper and start again with a clean wall and maybe just paint the wall the grey colour you like! Anything else could be more costly. Best of luck!

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