Asked on Dec 2, 2019

How do I power outdoor lights ?

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I want to put Christmas decorations on my porch but there isn't an electrical outlet and I don't want to run a cord through a window - it gets pretty cold here! Any suggestions?

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    on Dec 2, 2019

    Do you have a porch light? You can buy and adaptor that screws into the light socket and then you can plug lights into that. :)

  • Em
    on Dec 2, 2019

    Have and outdoor plug installed by an electrician. They can often tap into a line inside the house by drilling thru the wall and adding an outdoor receptacle. Not all that expensive and you will have it forever.

  • Michelle James
    on Dec 2, 2019

    Our outdoor electrical outlet is pretty far away from the porch. We run an extension cord (a pretty heavy duty one) to it so I can light up my little tree. We get snow here and it seems to work just fine.

  • Patio200
    on Dec 2, 2019

    battery powered.

  • Battery or solar power are good ideas. Do you have an outlet in a garage maybe?

  • Ladysherlock
    on Dec 4, 2019

    Thanks to all who replied. They're all good answers, but for now I'll go with battery powered lights because that's the least expensive option. Thanks again!

  • Johnavallance82
    on Dec 7, 2019

    Hello there,

    Have an electrician put you in a double outdoor socket. I have had a number of them fix around my home for use of outdoor appliances etc....

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