Bathroom Remodel on a Budget

2 Materials
2 Days

This makeover seriously transformed my bathroom and I'm currently coming up with other ideas on how to update my other two bathrooms lol I only spent $50 which is still mind blowing to me.

It took me two days and a lot of waiting but I'm loving this remodel so much.

This is the before photo and I do not miss that huge mirror that came with the house when we bought it.

For the materials you will need:

• black paint (I used valspar eggshell)

• subway tile wallpaper (from Target) $35

• Rust-Oleum ultra matte black spray paint $5

• screw driver/power tool

• brand new mirror (I bought mine for $10 at a thrift store and bought it back to life. You can see my how to in my other project post)

• spackle to cover up any holes

First thing we did was get rid of that huge outdated mirror.

Make sure to clean up your walls and cover up any holes. The wallpaper has to be applied to smooth surfaces. So sand your wall if there are any bumps or uneven surfaces.

While my husband was helping me remove the nails that were stuck in our walls, I started to remove the hardware.

This includes:

Toilet paper holder


Sink faucet

Now I know most of you guys are like noooo don't do it. But I did it lol and it's actually been two weeks since ive done this project and everything is holding up perfectly. (Plus I did my research and a lot of people are finding that spray painting your hardware is a cheap way to update your home, and it surprisingly holds well)

Now I would spray paint one side let it dry overnight spray paint the other side and let that dry overnight. You don't want any fingerprints or dust particles on your hardware you want it to look nice, sleek, and smooth

While I let my hardware dry I started prepping for the paint. I already had black paint left over from another project, so I saved money on the paint.

Sorry for the bad lighting I was continuing this project through the night. I did about two coats of paint.

I have also learned that the black paint does show through the wallpaper a tad bit so I highly recommend making a line and not going all crazy with the paint like I did lol

Once that dries your ready to place your wallpaper on.

Little tip on how to get all of the air bubbles out I used my Panera bread card to smooth them out. Since I didn't have a squeegee. Lol Or you can go buy a squeegee, but this is a budget project so I improvised

Finally we get to hang our new mirror. This mirror has my heart and soul into it, I put so much work into transforming that mirror I will keep it forever.

Please go check out my how to on the mirror before throwing away an old mirror in your home. It could save you from spending on a new mirror.

I decided at the last minute I wanted a towel hanging closer to the sink so I spray painted one of those sticky hooks. Only cost about $3

And done. I hope you enjoy this remodel as much as I do

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5 questions
  • Kim Sparks
    on Dec 8, 2019

    Hw does spray paint stick to metal? Would think it would rub ff with use?

    • Brittany Malia
      on Dec 8, 2019

      Not sure. But I have spray painted many metal items before. It even says it's for metal on the can. I always make sure to get Rust-Oleum it works the best

    • Susan Monroe
      on Dec 8, 2019

      I also sprayed my light fixture and towel rods a year ago and still look awesome. Very cheap way to upgrade your look!

    • Owen A
      on Dec 8, 2019

      I upgraded my 20 year old rusty ( in spots) metal bathroom fixtures with spray paint almost a year ago. I had to do that because I could not find fixtures with the same footprint to cover the holes in the white tiles. I scuffed the metal surfaces with a fine grit sandpaper and used 2 coats of Rustoleum primer - very light coats till the surface is evenly covered. Then I used 2 coats of metallic bronze and finished with 2 coats of clear coat. The results were amazing and it’s showing no signs of wear

    • Dee Simmons
      on Dec 8, 2019

      When we moved into our place over 8 years ago ago all the door knobs and light fixtures were brass. I spray painted everything with a Rustoleum spray paint for metal in a nickle finish and they still look great today. Paint is always a cheap way to transform things. Just be sure to use the correct type of paint for the item you are painting. Several light coats are better than one heavy coat. Heavy coats may peel off. This bathroom is a great transformation.

    • Jackie Peltz Nix
      on Dec 8, 2019

      I've used this trick to update a lot of hardware in my home. I would recommend roughing up the metal with sandpaper prior to painting for best adhesion. I've done many without this step and some chips off and some doesn't. At worst, you touch up the paint. Still a very cheap way to give a new look.

    • Jean
      on Dec 8, 2019

      I sprayed my front door handle and key lock 6 years ago. The front door had been faded brown and was painted white. I roughed the metal a little with steel wool and sprayed it with no undercoat. I had intended to replace it later. When I sold the house, it still looked great.

  • Kathy
    on Dec 8, 2019

    I have a (2) large mirrors I want to take out to but they seem to be glued on over being held up with clips. What was your process in taking down the mirror? Don't want to bring in a contractor if don't have to. Thank you

    • Jenni
      on Dec 8, 2019

      We had builder grade mirrors in our home attached with glue as well. Before removing, tape the entire mirror with Packing tape. That way if it breaks while removing it, it won’t shatter. Take long pieces of floss, or similar, and run it behind the mirror in a saw like motion. This worked wonderfully for us. Good luck!!

    • Debg
      on Dec 8, 2019

      Fishing line works well to break through the glue

    • Dee
      on Dec 8, 2019

      Take the clips off and then tape the mirror with painters tape.

      1. Cover the mirror with heavy-duty packing tape as a precaution against the glass cracking or shattering.
      2. Insert wooden shims in any gaps between the mirror and the wall. ...
      3. With another shim beneath your pry bar to protect the wall, gently begin working the bar behind the glass.

    • Jean
      on Dec 8, 2019

      Don't sped hours trying to take it down in one piece. I was doing this on my own. Cover with tape, put on heavy leather gloves and goggles and tap it with a hammer all over. Roll it down from the top using a spatula to separate the glue from the wall. Then put it in a double black trash bag. There is something satisfying about breaking the ugly mirror and it is easier to do

  • Janice Massena Logullo
    on Dec 8, 2019

    Did you remove the toilet first to do the wallpaper?

    • Shuganne
      on Dec 8, 2019

      I might drain the tank and unbolt it from the stool, but I think I would leave the bottom half where it is. Anything down that low - and let's face it - behind that porcelain isn't going to be viewed anyone except the person doing the cleaning and sanitizing.

    • Brittany Malia
      on Dec 8, 2019

      I did exactly what the person above said. We removed the tank but left the bottom part.

  • Tina
    on Dec 8, 2019

    This looks so high end! I LOVE EVERYTHING! I’m all for spray painting things to update them. Love the black paint, the tile wallpaper- the mirror! So very clever and lovely!👌

  • Joy
    on Dec 12, 2019

    How did you dispose of the large mirror? 7 years bad luck? Lol

    • Christine Isaacson
      on Dec 12, 2019

      Just what I was thinking..I want to change mine, but no idea about the mirrors.

    • Patty
      on Dec 20, 2019

      Put it out to the curb on trash day and it will be gone. :)

    • Brittany Malia
      on Dec 22, 2019

      We took it to the nearest City dump to be properly thrown away.

    • Flipturn
      on Dec 26, 2019

      Depending on how builder grade mirrors are have been attached/glued to the wall, frequently it is impossible to remove them without breaking the glass. If any of it can be salvaged, it is a plus.

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  • Meghan
    on Dec 28, 2019

    Looks so good. How realistic is the wallpaper in person? Is it holding up with with moisture?

  • Terry
    on Dec 29, 2019

    Very inspirational! My bathroom is so dated. I love black paint and adore the easy way you’ve described how to do this project. I love the subway tile wallpaper!

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