How can I update a deep window sill?


We are remodeling our kitchen with white cabinets in modern Ikea style. Tile backsplash. Not sure what to do with this useful spave/ window sill.

Moved my plants to another window sill because of remodeling dust

q deep window sill how to update
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  • Deb K Deb K on Dec 07, 2019

    Hi Olena, is the tile on it in good shape? You could just paint it a an accent color or the same color as the tiles you are doing, or you could tile it the same as the backsplash tiles, depends how much tile you want. It looks to be in nice shape so maybe just a pretty runner placed on it, that way you can change up once in a while. If you decide to paint, I have attached a video for you

  • on Dec 07, 2019

    looks like a beautiful spot for plants! Maybe a few different herbs. :)

  • Janice Janice on Dec 07, 2019

    Depending on temperatures in your area, plants might be an option, especially succulents or maybe faux ones. Maybe long plastic or metal house gutter capped on each end? Or something that you would enjoy seeing while you're using the kitchen sink. Pretty colorful bottles?

  • Jodi Jodi on Dec 07, 2019

    I would have a nice piece of wood cut to precisely fit the shelf area. I would seal the wood with a clear seal, or stain it and seal it or paint it with an exterior paint. I would then choose plants that are happy with the light that the area gets. Herbs would be great if there is enough sun, or whatever you think might be good. You can use a variety of pretty flower pots, or a planter that you like. I wish I had a widow shelf like that! Have fun with it!

  • William William on Dec 07, 2019

    Plants, herbs, in colorful pots/planters. Colorful kitchen canisters. Wooden dish drying rack with a tray. Different sized colored bottles.

  • Ellis Ellis on Dec 07, 2019

    I'm also in favor of using it for plants. If you want to avoid the mess that plant pots can produce, there are pretty copper plant trays that you could use there--they come in a variety of sizes. Another idea, depending on how much you need to get to the windows, is as a display shelf for some of your most interesting pottery, etc.

  • Dee Dee on Dec 07, 2019

    You could also remove the tile, and whatever backsplash or countertop you are putting in you can have that installed by the window. It is a great space for plants, or some cute nicnacs.

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Dec 07, 2019

    If you are not planning to change any of the counter top at this time, and if the tiles are still in good condition, I would leave them. White is the best 'neutral' color for 'matching' any other colors you choose to add to your new white cabinet kitchen.

    My suggestion for updating this sill area would be to add window millwork/ trim around the circumference of the windows. Shaker or craftsman is a more updated look now than colonial or traditional. At the present time, there is no trim on three sides which makes the window wall look flat and lifeless. Adding trim would instantly upgrade and update the wall.

    I would also switch out the brown venetian blinds with white hidden tilt plantation shutters.

  • Olena Beloous Olena Beloous on Dec 07, 2019

    I thought to remove the old tile though it still looks OK. So matching tile as for the backsplash is a good choice? Not too snobby ;)?

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    • Flipturn Flipturn on Dec 08, 2019

      Yes, in my opinion matching the backsplash and sill does look nice. Different tiles may make the area look chopped up and smaller.

      Although the tiles in the picture above look attractive, keep in mind that:

      1.-the more combinations of different sizes, shapes, and styles of tiles you have, the complexity and expense of the job increases, and there is more chance that the joins will not align properly and tightly.

      2.-the raised tile surface on the trim is impractical in a kitchen or bathroom, and it is very difficult to keep clean and sanitized