Asked on Dec 9, 2019

How can I clean out an awful smell coming from clogged pipes?

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there was clogging in our sink since long time, so we called plumber and he cleaned all pipes. He also went into crawl space and replaced a part of pipe with new one, where the blockage was the bad. In the process, some water came out inside our house through pipes in meter room falling over concrete opening of crawl space which is in the hallway of our house. Now the blockage is completely gone but since the cleaning house stinks. And smell is really unacceptable. I am pregnant and more worried, this would be bad for health. How do i take the smell out?

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  • SawHorse Design Build
    SawHorse Design Build
    on Dec 9, 2019

    Does it smell like sewer gases or raw sewage? What kind of smell is it. Did you clean up all of the water that spilled out with a disinfectant? The water most likely was contaminated. Given that you are pregnant, I would suggest that another family member do this so you are not affected by the off-gassing from the detergents. I had a client that had other smells in in house and the solutions that I offered to them plus the cleaning will work for you as well-

    • Priyan
      on Dec 9, 2019

      thank you, it smells like raw flesh! I cant clean it with water because its concrete, porous surface, pouring water will make it more damp and smell more i think. I kept vinegar in the room but it havent helped yet, sprinkled baking soda too!

  • Pamela
    on Dec 9, 2019

    Hi ! We had a horrid smell coming up through our bathroom sink . It sound up being due to the old hot water heater that was not maintained properly ( by being drained yearly ) there was a lot of stinky gunk and sediment in the bottom of the hot water heater that was the source of the smell . Good luck !

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    Kathy Gunter Law
    on Dec 9, 2019

    There is a fantastic disinfectant that is also an odor eliminator: OdoBan. I would highly recommend it. Please get your partner to do the cleaning but if you must, make sure to wear a mask. It's not harmful and I cleaned with it when I was pregnant but a big job like this may take a big toll on you.


  • Nancy Bentley
    Nancy Bentley
    on Dec 9, 2019

    Put a couple tbsp of baking soda in drain, add 1/2 cup vinegar. Let sit for 15 minutes, then pour a pot of boiling water in drain. Not only will it get rid of nasty smell but will also remove any gunk.

  • Sharon
    on Dec 9, 2019

    You could also get Room Shocker set it off in the morning and go out for the day. Then come home and open a wndow/door for a bit if there is any odor.

  • Betsy
    on Dec 13, 2019

    Hi Pryian: There could be a pipe, like a vent pipe, that is clogged. Check with the plumber and see if that's the case. Good luck and congratulations on your new baby:)

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