Asked on Dec 10, 2019

How can I make a dinner fork door lock without using tools?



Easiest Way To Make A Door Lock Using A Dinner Fork WITHOUT Tools?I want to make a temporary lock for my bedroom door using a dinner fork, I know exactly how to do it and it's very simple only issue I'm having is that I do not possess ANY of the things needed to do this and it's so frustrating lol. Anything is appreciated! Thank you. :)

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  • Barb
    on Dec 10, 2019

    You might ask your local hardware store, like an AXCE as they often can do a small cutting or grinding job very easily for very little cost. Or go to a Lowe's or Home Depot & take your project along with you.

  • Lifestyles Homes
    on Dec 10, 2019

    Since you know exactly how it’s made, can you please share what tools they want you to have?

    Harbor Freight has 20% off coupons, every day. Dollar Tree has pliers, screw drivers, tape measures, and hand saws.

  • Cheryl A
    on Dec 10, 2019

    I have no idea how you would make a door lock without tools ~ can you not borrow tools from a neighbor or friend?

  • Gk
    on Dec 11, 2019

    If you don't have the tools then you might need to move to Plan B!

  • William
    on Dec 11, 2019

    You would need at least a pair of pliers to cut the handle off and bend the fork tines.

  • Redcatcec
    on Dec 13, 2019

    You might try flea markets or yard sales, they always have a whole bunch of tools and etc...

  • Em
    on Dec 16, 2019

    Why would you want to do this in the first place? Why not just buy an eye hook and latch like a fence gate and a screw driver.

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