Asked on Dec 14, 2019

For Bonnie French /whitewashing stone questions?

GkLaura CooperAnn|The  Apple Street Cottage


Bonnie you commented on a 2018 post regarding whitewashing stone fireplaces. You said you have done this a lot, inside and out. You said you use - 5 to 1 water paint ratio. Flat? Do you always use white? Do you just spray on a coat with the industrial spray bottle you mentioned and leave it to basically soak in / dry? Or do you wipe it after spraying? Or perhaps brush it in after spraying ? I hope to connect. And if there are others with further suggestions- please share. I have brought this up before with the Hometalk forum. Bonnie suggested a method I hadn't heard yet. I like the idea of 5 to 1 ratio as I honestly don't want it to look overly painted. And we will probably use a flat gray.... looking forward to more suggestions! Thank you!

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