Asked on Dec 24, 2019

How do I clean laminate wood floors?

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  • Cheryl A
    Cheryl A
    on Dec 24, 2019

    I use Bona laminate and stone cleaner - the mop and cleaner come as a kit and easy to use ~ they also have the Bona wet pads you can use this stuff is wonderful. I have the wood floor cleaner for wood floors and the laminate for my laminate and tile floors.

  • William
    on Dec 24, 2019

    Bona for laminate floors. They have different formulations. make sure you get for laminate floors.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    Kathy Gunter Law
    on Dec 24, 2019

    E cloth has a mop system that works with water only. Amazon has it for under $30. Works great with no build up.

  • Linda Sikut
    Linda Sikut
    on Dec 24, 2019

    Hi Joanie,

    I agree with some of the others who recommend Bona. That product is recommended a lot for laminate floors. Having said that, you can also clean floors with just plain warm water and a microfiber cloth on a wet "Swiffer" type mop. Try both ways and decide method works best for you. Wishing you the best.

  • Tinyshoes
    on Dec 24, 2019

    Joanie....I use clear Pledge for laminate

  • Maura White
    Maura White
    on Dec 24, 2019

    I love my Norwex Mop - you just need water and it works amazing!

  • Laura Cooper
    Laura Cooper
    on Dec 25, 2019

    I use a damp microfiber flat mop and warm water with just a drop of dish soap

  • Laura Cooper
    Laura Cooper
    on Dec 25, 2019

    Another thing..... Before you ever damp mop a hard floor, it needs a thorough dry cleaning. You can use a dust mop or a vacuum

  • Kmdreamer
    on Dec 27, 2019

    3 parts of water and one part windex and damp mop the floor

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