Night-Light From Something Unspeakable

2 Materials
30 Minutes

Don’t tell anyone, this colourful child’s night-light is made from a toilet brush holder. Unused off course!

Yes, its true, a toilet brush can actually be a glamorous object that you want to show off to people.

This very unchique, lurid green number is fresh from the plastics shop, together with a CD tower lid (or something similiar that fits loosely into the base of the holder, you could also cut foam board to size), nail polish and a short string of coloured Christmas lights. A bit of sticky tape may also be needed.

Use nail polish, stickers, Sharpies or washi tape to decorate the holder. The picture above was taken whilst I was experimenting to see if putting the wet nail polish into the freezer would make it dry faster. The nail girls on the Youtube video said to immerse your freshly painted nails into ice water, so my toilet brush holder landed in a very unlikely place next to the ice cream. I can’t say it worked.

Once dry, flip the holder upside down and wrap the lights around the inside pillar, the idea being that the lights should be evenly distributed from top to bottom. You may need to stick the wire in place with tape if you are using a very deep holder but in this case gravity did not make it collapse to the bottom. Keep the switch on the outside. Switch the lights on and check that you are happy with their position.

Next, stick a glob of hot glue on the base of the central pillar and then stick the CD lid to it. From the picture above you can see that there is a gap between the CD cover and the side of the brush holder. This is perfect for keeping the lights inside when the holder is lifted but still allows room for the wire to pass through.

Now its ready to put things in and keep a slumbering child company.

Suggested materials:

  • Toilet brush
  • Christmas lights

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