10 Insanely Cool Projects That We Can't Wait to Try in 2020

These are the projects that got us the most excited to DIY this year!

By Tikva Morrow

This adorable succulent planter arrangement

This was one of the cutest ideas we saw this year and we're so eager to try it out!

These stylish tiered trays from baking pans

It's an easy upcycle but the result is super chic!

This faux stained glass technique

All it takes is a little glue and a little paint to get this unique furniture update!

This shower curtain-covered makeover

Who knew a shower curtain would be the key to stunning makeovers in 2020?

Concrete base candles

These would cost a fortune in any store and they're surprisingly easy to make!

These resin doorknobs

You can customize and personalize these beauties to your heart's content!

A book art installation wall

If you were looking for that one project that will blow the socks off your year, this is the one.

A paneled wall

We've been seeing variations of this look all year long and we're finally ready to give it a try!

This PVC pipe privacy screen

Who doesn't want more privacy? Here's how we're going to get it in 2020.

This breathtaking stove cover

Functional, fabulous, and a crowd favorite, this stove cover is definitely on our 2020 "Must DIY" list!