Asked on Jan 5, 2020

How can I match existing wall texture when repairing the walls?

PhaedraKathy Gunter LawJohnavallance82


Hi Everyone!!I always get great advice and I am back with another question.I am having an issue matching the wall texture that was done before I purchased the home. I am hoping someone can give me some insight on where to find the device.I just had insulation put into my walls and have 66 holes to redo.

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  • Janice
    on Jan 5, 2020

    Hi Kimberly, I found a youtube video for you that may help. If this one doesn't address your needs, there are additional ones if you search using "how to match drywall texture?"

  • Emily
    on Jan 5, 2020

    I'm wondering if this was tissue paper soaked in water that had glue added to it? Applied to wall and then painted? I can't imagine a tool that could make that kind of ridging. Another suggestion might be to take the pics to a good art supply store and they may be able to tell you how it was done. I am including this pic because I did a tissue paper treatment on the mirror frame, but I'm pretty sure I smoothed it out.

  • Robyn Garner
    on Jan 5, 2020

    Take your pic to the paint store (not a box store) and see what they recommend.

  • Deb K
    on Jan 5, 2020

    Hi Kimberly, here is one more video that may help you, and I just want to add, that you can likely purchase drywall mud in a small pack and mix it on the thinner side, use like a wide plastic spatula tool to make the markings look similar to your pattern. Good luck

  • Dee
    on Jan 5, 2020

    Janice (the first answer) has it right. I have this exact texture and just did some patching I matched it with that tool (looks like a splayed paint brush)

  • William
    on Jan 5, 2020

    I agree. Janice's first video is the best. You also need to play around to get mit close. Try on a panel of cardboard till you get the feel of it.

  • Sharon
    on Jan 6, 2020

    Looks like a very thinned down version of the rosebud pattern.....

  • Johnavallance82
    on Jan 6, 2020

    Hello there,

    If you are having a problem with matching the hole into the existing wall design, maybe you might consider making them a feature by making them stand out more eg: Paint them a different colour or enlarge the area and do a different pattern on them, or add a molding of some sort around them or over them etc..............

    Good luck - enjoy the challenge..........or get the wall re- Artexed!

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    on Jan 6, 2020

    I'm pretty sure this is done with a paint brush. It looks very similar to some I've seen done. If I recall correctly, it's sheetrock much mixed with paint. I was a kid when my parents had part of their house done.

    Practice on cardboard or poster board.

  • Phaedra
    on Jan 11, 2020

    I have done that texture pattern with the round bush. There are two ways to make the texture compound. One way is to mix paint with the drywall compound. It can be messy but it saves a step (painting) if youre starting from scratch. I prefer to thin the drywall compound with a little water and then paint after it dries. That's because I know Im messy. Drywall compound will clean up with water even after it dries. Paint does not.

    Ive also done patching. I have never been able to infill the pattern with the round brush. That's because everyones technique is unique. The easiest way Ive found is to use a cut off paint brush to copy the strokes. Use the drywall compound and water mix its more forgiving. If you don't like something you can just wipe it off with a rag and redo.

    I would practice first on a scrap. Also start with the least noticeable spots. That way you will have perfected your technique by the time you get to the most noticeable spots.

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