What do you think I should do about this?

I wanted to do with the wood project I made, it was suppose to be a vegetable garden, but we couldn't afford this much of dirt. So, I was thinking, since we are poor and happier. I wanted to make this into a water fountain/pond sort of. Like, I am going to paint this project, (not sure what color, any suggestions?) and then, add some plastic, (I need more information on how to add the plastic and make it hold tight and stays up.) then, add rocks, water plants, little fountains, and lily. I wanted to make this project as in an affordable way! :D Any suggestions?
I would love love love love love love to hear from any of you!! :)
q what do you think i should do about this, flowers, outdoor living, ponds water features, My wood project D
My wood project! :D
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