Asked on Jan 7, 2020

How do I clean mold in a windowless bathroom with a broken vent?

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My parent’s basement bathroom is being taken over by mold. The vent isn’t working and I’m not sure how to clean it without spreading the mold. Is this a scenario where I should call for professional help? Also, if that’s the case, who do I call?

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  • Peggy Burnette
    on Jan 7, 2020

    Hi Faith, sorry you are having a problem with mold in your parents bathroom. Always be safe and wear a mask. If possible use a fan to keep the air circulating in the area. Hope this helps you. Good luck. How to Clean Mold in a Basement (with Pictures) - wikiHow

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    Oct 1, 2019 - Put on protective gear before inspecting or cleaning mold. ... humidity, since reducing moisture is the most important way to combat basement mold. ... If not, turn fans on to help the carpet dry. ... Your washing machine needs a floor drain and secure hose connections. .... Rough Plumb a Basement Bathroom.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    on Jan 7, 2020

    White cleaning vinegar will kill the spores. Once that's done, you can work on getting rid of the stains left behind. Consider adding a small ceiling fan to circulate the air.

  • Gk
    on Jan 7, 2020

    Once you get this bathroom clean adding a dehumidifier will help keep the moisture down Faith. You will have to empty it frequently.

  • Plain old white vinegar. Read this:

    If you need to bring in the pros, you need a licensed mold remediation company. Mold remediation is highly regulated. Last thing you want to do is spread it around and contaminate the entire house. If just surface mold, the home remedy above will do the trick. And invest in a new exhaust fan and even a dehumidifier to prevent future occurrences.

  • Sharon
    on Jan 8, 2020

    I would replace the fan also otherwise the problem will come right back.

  • Kmdreamer
    on Jan 8, 2020

    Try using a bleach cleaner first and close the door let it sit over night when they take a shower just run a small fan in the bathro9m to let steam out the door put it on the floor

  • Hi Faith - UGH - how unfortunate! There are several ways to get rid of mold, but most importantly, you need to address the root cause to keep it from returning. This article focuses on the bathroom, but is an overall great article that covers methods of how to remove mold, if bleach is safe to use, and how to prevent it from coming back. Hope this helps! Hugs, Holly

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  • Hi, Faith!

    For a long term solution, the fan definitely needs to be replaced! Buy a fan that pulls greater CFMs (cubic feet per minute) than the existing fan. It's an easy DIY project - just make sure the power supply is turned off first! Here is a how-to video from Home Depot... I hope this helps!

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