Asked on Jan 14, 2020

Where can I find a strong suspension rod?



Daughter desperately needs a product STRONG enough to hang clothes in a closet. A strong suspension rod? Who sells such things?

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    on Jan 14, 2020

    I don't think a pressure rod that strong exists - but maybe a clothing rack would work? something like this:

  • Unique Creations By Anita
    on Jan 14, 2020

    You need to buy the pole with the backers on each side from a hardware store. A shower rod will not be strong enough if mine is anything to go by.

  • Scarlet Paolicchi
    on Jan 14, 2020

    My Amazon affiliate link or home depot, lowes, ace hardware, probably even walmart

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    on Jan 14, 2020

    Part of the issue you are going to run across is the weight of the clothes will probably pull down any tension rid. Consider a portable item to hang clothes or a piece of furniture. I recently saw a collapsible one on qvc that was designed to dry clothes. I bet it would be perfect. I can help you hunt for it if you are interested.

  • Redcatcec
    on Jan 14, 2020

    In our closet we have a wooden rod (looks like a huge wood dowel) to hang clothes on. It is 1" in diameter and is held in place by 2 boards 1" thick, 1 board at opposite ends. Each of these boards have a "V" shaped notch cut into them which holds the dowel in place.

    As a further means of support there is a 1" thick wood shelf above the dowel, that has "U" shaped hooks to give support at intervals to the dowel. This is about 10' long.

    I am not sure where you'd find a wood dowel this long, but this system is very sturdy and has worked for many years. Maybe another Hometalker would know where to find this size of a wood dowel.

  • William
    on Jan 14, 2020

    I use 1' electrical conduit for closet rods. Wood poles tend to bend under the weight of clothes. Comes in 10' lengths.

  • Shellee
    on Jan 14, 2020


  • Homeroad
    on Jan 14, 2020

    You can use a wooden or metal pole and attach it to the wall on either end with a notched pole holder rather than using a suspension rod.

  • Betsy
    on Jan 15, 2020

    Hi Glenna: You could try a steel pipe. There are hangers made for rods that you should be able to put attach to the walls (in a stud) your pipe into. Or, I have even used a broken hockey stick! Those things are strong and you may be able to get some at your local ice arena. Ask if they have any or check with some of the teams :) Good luck

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