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Let's face it, drawers get out of hand messy quick! For a few bucks and an hour, why not put together a custom drawer divider?
Our kitchen drawers, which we originally had zero of until I designed and installed a super cool wall mounted drawer unit which we love like most, they get messy and unruly fast.
Or just don't function well as seen in our silverware drawer before above. Sure, it's not the end of the world but I knew it could be better.
Luckily I came across some awesome inspiration on Instagram and set to work immediately. Swing by my blog, Flipping the Flip, for more details on that plus oh so many other fun projects!
I started by emptying the drawer completely, wiping it clean, then editing out things we didn't need. Next, I sketched out a plan then laid things in the drawer to get some measurement ideas. As this is a totally custom project, your dimensions will vary based on your needs. Feel free to use painters tape or a pencil to mark out sections.
My friend ripped down a 1/2" x 11 1/4" x 4' piece of edge glued poplar into 2" wide strips for me. I cut a long piece to go across the width first then I cut pieces for the individual silverware sections. Make sure your cross piece fits snugly but not so snug the drawer doesn't open and close properly -- test it!
After figuring out how close I could go for each type of piece, it was time to assemble.
I used a very handy flip drive quick change bit that has a drill bit to pilot a hole first then flips to reveal a phillips bit. I attached the silverware dividers from the unseen side so as to not have to worry about the screw heads and holes. Just the same, you could use wood plugs if they're unavoidable.
For the last divider sections, I glued in pieces to each other (nothing is glued to the drawer itself), again to avoid seeing screw heads and holes.
And voila! A perfectly customized drawer divider that works exactly as we need it! It's removable for easy cleaning too!
Don't forget to swing by my blog for lots more organizing tips! And be sure to follow me here on Hometalk!
Such a simple thing we touch and see every day yet this divider has vastly improved our silverware lives!
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Becky at Flipping the Flip

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  • Jacx
    on Jan 29, 2020

    Love your holders. Where did you get the cart/island? Like that a lot. Signed up for your site, looking forward to seeing your ideas. Thanks. I live in Iowa right and am brand new here so don't really have those crafty friends to turn to, yet! Been here 5 months and just trying to get the apt set up has been a full time occupation. Been having health issues which hasn't helped. Finally got a diagnosis, Sogrens syndrome, it's Rheumatoid arthritis of the lungs! Very rare. Am coping but sure get winded fast. At least I know how healthy everything else is! They tested everything I own!

    • Daisy@TX
      on Feb 6, 2020

      Jacx sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I have same plus CREST syndrome and Fybromyalgia. Hang in there I tell you what keeps me going is this site yes!

  • Kerri
    on Feb 4, 2020

    Where does everyone see the cart/island?

    • Daisy@TX
      on Feb 6, 2020

      Ok saw the cart! So mysterious but there it is lol.

  • Jacx
    on Feb 7, 2020

    Are you a Texan? Just saw the tax on your name. I was born in Tyler but grew up in Overton and New London.

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  • Jacx
    on Feb 7, 2020

    Goodness but even tho it's been donkey yrs since Texas I do remember that as a kid I spent most summers in panties! Was 50 yrs plus in Cal! Sorry to say. Won't have to spend money on going to those fancy, super hot yoga places! As if I did! It will be built into the weather. At least we have an ac that is awesome.

    Went to Hobby Lobby to buy acid free tissue but no go, ended up w some all cotton batting with which to wrap up my old, old mercury glass ornaments. Finally took tree down and decided to get better storage boxes and get rid of any acid paper. I'll keep them inside instead of the storage unit due humidity. Don't want to be sorry later as some of my items are 30 yrs old.

    • Ha, you crack me up! Hey, when it’s hot, you do whatcha gotta do! Great idea on the acid free ornament wrapping, I should follow your lead there!

  • Jacx
    on Feb 8, 2020

    I couldn't find any but then remembered bridal shops. Worth a try. I ended up going w a very light weight cotton batting. 82% cotton, it's breathable and I can put bubble wrap around that. It was 54" wide stuff, got 1 1/2 yards. It's just thick enough to provide some protection. I got those stacked plastic ornament holders, 1 has 2 and 1 has 3. The cardboard inserts are a pain in the rear, they are about 1/4" short of the slots...dumb. I didn't use too many of those as I have some long blown glass ones, plus I collect Santas. I have several many Christopher Radko ones, my big one has it's own box. Years ago I worked at Michael's and bought all sorts of mercury glass eggs and bell's that are divine, each has it's own plastic holder. Long ago I started marking boxes w a permanent pen so I know what goes where, otherwise you have reinvent the wheel putting stuff away! You can use rubbing alcohol to remove if needs be. I use sticky notes in boxes that hold multiple items, once I've tetress-ed them I don't want to redo it. That happened this year w the new boxes, took hours getting it right. Some of my ornaments have been moved up to 10 times, 5 times in last 5 yrs alone! Ultimately they end up in plastic crates for moving and storage. This move I drilled holes in the crates and used long zip ties, 6 a crate, to secure them. That worked out great, lids can't come off or shift. Bought 100, so just clipped them off once I needed them open. NEVER WRITE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS on any box being moved by people, they tend to get stolen that way! I mark my boxes w my own number system. I'm actually planning to write a book about moving. ALL MOVERS ARE THIEVES, CROOKS AND LIERS AS ARE THE AGENTS! Your goods are worth less than a pound of bologna! I have learned so much due to how many times and how close together my moves. It's criminal what they get away with due to a the person's ignorance! If I can save someone just 5 tears then it will be a success! I've had buckets of tears!

    • Wow, you have got this all down pat! Thanks for all the awesome tips, wow! My Christmas pile is a mess but now I know how to fix it, thanks to you! You should write a book on organizing holiday items too with all these great ideas. Marie Kondo's got nothin' on you! Thanks sharing your fantastic tips!

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