DIY Reed Diffuser Bigger Scale. Smells Amazing.

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I got given this vase by my friend who said "im sure you will find a use for this.? Shes's cool. :)

I've used this for succulents. Flower's, "So meny ways"

It was sat getting dusty an need'ed a new use.

I have been looking at reed diffuser's, Different kind's an they are pricey. Depending on the size of the vessels an scent you want?.

I had essential oil's an the carrier oil. So maybe i could make my own with this? It would be more natural.

It look's like a perfect vessel.

My mind went into overdrive.

The vessel..👍

So below's theres my stem's of roses from dec. Very dry!


star anise,bay leaf,


*I use'd Fracitnated coconut oil.

*An vanilla essential oil...

You can use safflower oil, sweet Almond oil, As carrier's.

Some say johnstons baby oil.?

But i have not tried that?.

You dont have to use all off these? I just had some from christmas leftover.

The stems i did dry from dec. My hubby bought me these i like drying flowers ect..These were perfect.

I start with pouring the fracitnated coconut oil into a cup.

The carrier is very important as this carry's the smell up the stem.

which we want right👍

*Add 1/3 cup water.

*1/2.cup fracitnated

coconut oil

* Add your essential oil.

I used vanilla 15 drps..

*Then add all your spices.

Give a good mix around. woww...This smell's good.

Look's cool.Smells better. I had add'ed a 1/3cup more water at this point.

Making sure my rose stems would work i snipped both ends.

Make sure there all standing in your mix.

To allow the luscious smell's carry up the stem's.

As they will 😁.

I place'd some white twine around the neak of the vessel to break it up a little bit.

Placing it in my hallway postioned above the heating Allow's the delightful fragrance to flow through out my home.

Even my hubby as commented.He hates the plugins.!!.

I do like how the vessel.It smells so good. An natural.. The cinnamon the vanilla the coconut an cloves..I just cant pin the smell.But i made this yesterday an the stem's work just as good as reed dose.

I walk'd in my home today after work, An was amazed at how good this smell's for a diy version. They are pricey an looking these up £29 for some. Im so pleased i made my own. Love how the upcycled rose stem's look an a new style for the vessel. smells amazing mostly its natural. No chemical's. Thank's for looking. :)

Suggested materials:

  • Dried splces  (Muld wine spice package)
  • Fracitnated coconut oil  (Amazon)
  • Vanilla essential oil  (Amazon)
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  • Evangelist Evelyn
    on Feb 7, 2020

    Would you recomend your mixture for pine cones

    • Louise
      on Feb 7, 2020

      Cool question Evengelist.

      Funny you ask. I have been collecting pine cones for this reason myself. The coconut oil seems to make them greasy. So i used oils with just water. This seems to work much better. Hope this help's. Have fun

  • Sharon
    on Feb 9, 2020

    Has anyone tried bamboo instead of rose stems?

    • Louise
      on Feb 9, 2020

      Hi sharon. A lady above as tried bbq skewers. Said they work.

      I have tried bamboo its far to hollow inside to carrie the oil's. Dried twigs work good to. Hope this helps you

  • Linda
    3 hours ago

    Is there anything you can use in place of the coconut? Just not a fan of it.

    • Louise
      24 minutes ago

      Hi Linda. Sweet almond oil is a good carrier it as no smell. Also safflower oil.

      Some people have used Johnston's baby oil. But i ain't try'd that one yet. Hope this helps :)

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4 of 32 comments
  • Gail
    8 days ago

    I'm going to try this. Finally got my husband loving scented candles. He will love this

  • Lisa
    6 days ago

    I'm going to try this. How long does the fragrance last?

    • Louise
      6 days ago

      Hi lisa. I'm pleased to say this lasted over 6 weeks. The stems became saturated firstly.

      But the mix was still good to use. Yeah, 6.7 week lisa.

      Hope this helps :)

      Have fun

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