Asked on Jan 20, 2020

How do I clean Spanish Tile outdoors?

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I moved into a house with Spanish tile on the back porch. The tile was never sealed, and it's stained and looks awful. Any ideas on what I can do, either to clean it or maybe I should just tile over it????

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  • Kathy Gunter Law
    on Jan 20, 2020

    Start with pressure washing. If you don't have one, you can rent one but I feel like it's something home owners should have, even if it's an inexpensive one. If washing alone doesn't get the job done, you can add a solution to clean it. It will depend on what type of stains on the solution but you can always go with blue Dawn since it's such a good degreasing item.

    Once you get it clean and it is dry, you can seal it then.

  • Beth
    on Jan 20, 2020

    I think this might help you:

    Basically, they said that, "With a lot of hard work and perseverance, it is probable that you can recondition your Mexican tiles. Keep in mind that the appearance of these tiles will always be rustic, i.e., a lack of uniformity of color and shape. Minor streaks and spotting are part of the original tiles and the handmade process, unlike the uniformity you find in a machine-made tile. Start by stripping the tile of any previous sealers. Different sealers require different stripping treatments. If you don’t know what the original sealer was, you’ll have to do some trial-and-error experimentation. Start with a commercial sealer-stripping product that your tile dealer recommends. Select an inconspicuous area for testing.

    For stubborn stains, you may need to do an acid wash. Here’s one basic technique first, wet tiles with water; then pour on small amounts of phosphoric acid cleaner (follow manufacturer’s instructions). Scrub tiles with a natural-fiber bristle brush screwed to a broom handle (wear rubber gloves and avoid all skin and clothing contact with the acid solution). The acid will foam as it’s brushed on, and the tiles should look cleaner right away. Rinse tiles with a cotton string-mop dipped in a bucket of water. Rerinse tiles with a solution of ammonia mixed with water to remove any acid residue that might remain.

    If any bad staining remains, sometimes a light hand sanding can remove the blemish. Use l00-grit sandpaper and sand the stained area. Do not use an electric sander. Once the stains have been removed and the tiles are clean, let them dry thoroughly. Proceed with two applications of a penetrating tile sealer, followed by a finish coat recommended for outdoor use. I would recommend an oil-based product such as Sparks Stone Glamour Sealer, followed by a couple of applications of Mex Seal (Sparks Southwest Inc., 1804 Industrial Blvd., Colleyville, TX 76034). You may have to contact the manufacturer for an outlet in your area. It’d not available in some areas due to restrictions on petroleum-based products."

  • Dee
    on Jan 21, 2020

    Get some Purple Power from Walmart and power wash the tile. It will look brand new.

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