Asked on Feb 3, 2020

How do I paint cabinets and Formica countertops to look like granite?

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My countertops are formica, can I paint them to look like granite and my cabinets are homemade stained brown with alot of build up on them. I'm wanting to paint them, but I need to know how to get started

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    on Feb 3, 2020

    These countertop painting kit can help you get a grantie look - and they get great reviews!

  • Lifestyles Homes
    on Feb 3, 2020

    I’ve a lot of experience with the faux granite countertops’ “paint”.

    How to cost-effectively get “free” two tone counter-top “paint”:

    Buy a Plastic Laminate Coating System. It will include detailed instructions, a binding primer and a top color coat.

    Most of them come in a limited color palette and here’s how to get that custom color without paying for it.

    Calculating how many quarts you’ll need, based on the “coverage rate”, plan on two color coats, in terms of how many quarts you buy.

    After cleaning & applying the primer, per directions, roll on the first coat, after cutting in. Make sure you leave half of the remaining “paint” in each quart for the second coat.

    Pour a half cup of this original color in a sealable glass or plastic jar “for touch-ups” later.

    Take back to the store these half-used quarts and ask them to put in 1-3 “squirts” of another of their standard pigments, to shift the color. So think about that before you select a color scheme...

    While your waiting on them to add & shake the new pigment in your quarts,

    go buy a faux sponge roller cover. They’re about $8 and they’ll last you 15 years if you take care of them.

    Pick up 3 misc small foam brushes, while you’re there.

    With your second/color/for-free quarts in hand, it’s time to roll on the second color with the faux sponge brush, very lightly.

    If you want a third color for your granite, then go back to the store and ask them to add some other pigment to your remaining quart.

    They may get fussy with you, as your ratio of pigment:base is not normal at this point. So, plead accordingly or buy another new quart.

    After you’re finished with adjusting your faux granite pattern, then touch up as required from your glass jar of Color 1.


  • Deb K
    on Feb 3, 2020

    Hi Sherry, yes you can, I painted my old ones and they lasted another 10 years until we could afford new ones! Here is my instruction, what I did!

    Lightly sand to rough the countertop up

    Go to your paint store, tell them what you are painting, they will pick the proper paint and primer for you, you can even get the primer tinted for a better coverage

    Once you have sanded, clean with TSP, then rinse and dry thoroughly,

    Apply your primer coat, let it dry according to the instructions

    Once the primer coat is dry, apply your paint coat, I would apply 2 or 3 as it will be stronger and thicker

    Once your coats dry, you can apply a matte clear coat, either by spry or roll on, keep a small container of it under your sink for touch ups, I had my counters like this for 12 years, until I could afford new ones.

    I used a few uncolored glass cutting boards for protection. It held up very well. And only costs you the prices of the materials.

    Good luck!

  • Dee
    on Feb 4, 2020

    yes you can paint. Diane at In my own style gives a wonderful tutorial.

    or you can buy the Gaini or Rustoleum Kits. It is very time consuming, but worth it.

  • Megan
    on Feb 4, 2020

    Hi Sherry! For painting your cabinets clean with TSP first! :) TSP is a degreaser and will remove any build up! You can then use Chalk Paint or a mineral paint to paint your cabinets without having to sand them first!

  • You can buy the Rustoleum kit at any big box store, and we have had some friends use it with success. Any surface that is wiped and used heavily will eventually wear down the paint though. There are quite a lot of good reviews out there, though. Good luck!

  • Deb K
    on Feb 8, 2020

    Hi Sherry, you can buy a kit, they have them at hose stores and online, easy to just follow instructions to a T. Here is a video that may help you I hope,

  • Lindsay Aratari
    on Feb 27, 2020

    There is a a countertop paint kit that's sold in hardware stores

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