Asked on Feb 6, 2020

How do I take a Eastlake rocker completely apart?

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I have a old Eastlake rocker that use to have a cane seat and back and I want to clean it really well. I think a cat might have sprayed it a one time. So I want to take it completly apart and clean it. I'm not going to recane the chair. I'm making it into regular rocker. So who can help me on this project? Thanks every body who has helped me with all my other projects!

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  • Unique Creations By Anita
    on Feb 6, 2020

    Just googled it to see what they look like and there are many. Do you have a picture?

  • Gk
    on Feb 6, 2020

    Hello Katie! Why do you think you need to take the rocker completely apart to clean it? I assume you mean that you want to take apart the rockers, spindles, etc. If it is still holding together and very solid in all the joints I would not take it apart. If you try tear it down into pieces to clean you may very well break some of the wood and then it could be time consuming and difficult to repair. I would clean it as it is. It may take several times to remove the odor. If you can put the rocker outside in sunshine on and off for a few weeks after you clean it without any risk of it getting wet I would do that as well. If you are not planning on refinishing the wood you can put a clear sealer over it to mask any cat urine smells. Here's some info:

  • Mogie
    on Feb 6, 2020

    I would Goggle the name and all other info. That should bring up what you are looking for.

  • Deb K
    on Feb 7, 2020

    Hi Katie, I had a lovely bentwood rocker and the cane broke, my husband cut 2 pieces of plywood to fit where the cane was and I found leather pad to put on it in a contrasting color!,,then, easy, paint and add some cushion! Sanding it and using an enzyme will help get rid of the smell. See the link I attached, hope it helps,

  • Cynthia H
    on Feb 7, 2020

    I would scrub it, remove the finish, but leave the parts together. Otherwise, you may never get it to fit tightly at the joints. If there is still a cat smell after the cleaning and stripping, a new finish and sealer should take care of that. Good luck!

  • Christina Faye Repurposed
    on Feb 7, 2020

    You can construct a wood seat to replace the cane. Before taking it apart, clean it well with vinegar and water. After it dries, apply two coats of spray shellac, allowing a couple of hours drying time in between coats. The shellac provides a barrier from smells.

  • Cindy
    on Feb 8, 2020

    Hi Katie. I think you should clean it as is. I say this because wood swells with moisture. And constricts when dry. Without knowing how old your rocker is, the pieces may not fit back in their place. I would clean a couple times. The first wash with vinegar and water, equal amounts. The second wash, use Murphy's Oil Soap. The soap will remove any debris left behind and the oil will condition the wood. Good luck Katie.

    • Katie
      on Feb 14, 2020

      weeelllll I took it apart. Apparently not the first. Came apart with no problem. I dont think it is worth much because of the condition. I could be wrong, thats been known to happen. lol. The whole chair is gross with cat pee. I did the vinegar, lemon,lysol,murphies etc. Didnt help. let it dry between each. Didnt saturate and did only a small part on the bottom of the floating rocker foot. Soooo Its apart and tomorw its off to get Nature Miracle from pet store that Lifestyles Homes told me about. I think my project will come out great!

  • J. Jacobs
    on Feb 10, 2020

    Don't take the chair apart. You are looking at a nightmare. Also there are many types of Eastlake rockers so it's hard to make a call without a photo.

    You can make a template for a wooden seat as mentioned by Christina and there are also sturdy leather or composite seats that you can buy and then use decorative tacks to attach to the chair.

    and one idea for wood

    Good luck.

  • Becky at Flipping the Flip
    on Feb 10, 2020

    If it's a genuine Eastlake chair, you'll destroy the value by taking it apart. You'll also likely struggle to get it back together. It's best if you leave it assembled and clean it that way.

  • Lifestyles Homes
    on Feb 12, 2020

    Wipe it down 2-3 times with Nature’s Miracle. It’s live enzymes that eat urine, fecal matter, vomit & blood. Throw away the rag after each application.

    Pet Stores carry it.

    • Katie
      on Feb 14, 2020

      who knew that was out I love that I can find stuff to other questions I have. thanks I think I will be getting that asap.

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