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Can you eat off of dipped wall hanging plates?



Can the beautiful dipped wall hanging plates be used to eat off of?

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  • Nan W.
    6 days ago

    Sara: what were they dipped in? (Food-coloring-based is probably ok)

  • It’s best not to. They may be made with paints that aren’t good safe. You don’t want to injest something toxic!

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    6 days ago

    If you can seal them or you are sure the paint is food safe, they would be okay. But eating off them and washing would wear into the paint and sealer.

  • Beth
    6 days ago

    Is this the project you are referencing?

    You can ask the creator of the project in the question section at the bottom of the page! I would guess that these are not food safe, but the author would know better than me.

  • William
    6 days ago

    Nope. They are decorative. Commercial plates use glazes for coloring and fired in a kiln. Those can be eaten off.

  • Jamie Holley
    6 days ago

    No, paint is not food safe.

  • Redcatcec
    6 days ago

    You can use them to eat cold or room temperature foods off of if you place something between the food and the plate. A doily or napkin would do the trick. Best to you.

  • Simple Nature Decor
    6 days ago

    Depends on the type of plates, as long as they are not treated with toxic coatings.

  • Cynthia H
    6 days ago

    Unless the paint is only on the back of a clear glass plate, the paint on the surface wouldn't be safe to use. What you could do is make the decorative plate and place a clear glass plate on top. Then the bottom plate would be used like a decorative charger. You could enjoy the decorative plate and be safe.

  • Janice
    5 days ago

    No, unless the paint is only on the back surface of the plate.

  • Cindy
    5 days ago

    Hi Sara. Do not eat off of plates that have paint on them. You can get really sick. Only paint the bottom of plates if you intend to eat off them.

  • Linda
    5 days ago

    This is a very good question. I would not eat off of them unless I was sure they were safe. Check the list of ingredients from when they were dipped.

  • Betsy
    5 days ago

    Hi Sara: I wouldn't. If they were commercially made, it should say on the back whether or not you can, but I wouldn't, just to be safe. You don't know what they were dipped in. Good luck

  • Kmdreamer
    14 hours ago

    No they probably have lead paint

  • Em
    16 minutes ago

    Lead paint was banned in 1978. If you are referring to painted plates using spray paint and or nail polish then I still would not. These items are meant to be decorative. Plates are made of food safe materials.

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