Asked on Feb 15, 2020

Do you have any ideas for an attractive short walkway?

AnnieFlipturnHolly Lengner - Lost Mom


We just recently bought a hot tub. There is much to be done in terms of adding bars (for beverages😂, not stability) on either side, putting a canopy up etc. Our priority right now is adding a walkway. It is approximately 14 feet 2 our driveway. My husband wanted to do stamped concrete as that is what we have for our front porch. It’s beautiful but what I’ve learned with that however, is it gets very slippery with rain and frost. Not ideal stepping out of a hot tub! We know we obviously can do a paver idea but we’re hoping for some really creative thoughts. Keeping it inexpensive with any hope. Any thoughts and pictures will be greatly appreciated!

14’ to driveway

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