How do I paint a rusty fence?

I have a silver metal cyclone fence that has a lot of rust areas that need to be painted.Can I use a spray like Rustoleum & how can avoid it getting all over everything without making such a mess of getting it all over. I have a lot of problems with my hands so I need the easiest way to remedy this problem if anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate it ! Thanks everyone !........Madeline

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  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Feb 17, 2020

    You can put cardboard or plastic on the "other" side. I did that with a chain link fence and it worked fine. I used spray RustOleum canned paint.

  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Feb 17, 2020

    Hi Madeline,

    Here's one way to do your project, my suggestion would be to do your fence on a windless day:

  • Mogie Mogie on Feb 17, 2020

    Remove as much rust as possible from the fence using a wire brush. Work around the fenced area, brushing the poles and both sides of the chain-link fence.

    Wash the fence to remove any cobwebs, leaves and grass. Spray the entire fence with a hose, if possible. Otherwise, it may be necessary to use a bucket and a sponge to wipe down both sides of the fence and the poles. If the fence has been previously painted, use a pressure washer to remove any paint chips. Allow the fence to thoroughly dry.

    Apply a rust-stopping spray to any areas that are very rusted. These sprays can usually be found in your local hardware store. Follow the manufacturer's directions for application instructions.

    Add a coat of metal primer to the fence if it has rust or an old coat of paint on it. Metal primer can usually be found in your local hardware store. If the fence is new or in good condition, a coat of metal primer is not necessary. Follow the manufacturer's directions for application instructions.

    Lay a large piece of cardboard on the ground, butted up to the bottom of the fence. Push the grass at the bottom of the fence down with the cardboard, enabling you to reach the bottom.

    Kneel or sit on the cardboard and begin rolling metal paint on the fence with a long nap roller. Metal paint is specifically made for painting metal surfaces, but if you desire a specific color or can't find metal paint, acrylic paint will work too. The longer fibers on the roller will help paint the other side of the fence at the same time.

    Work down the length of the fence, moving the cardboard as you go. Paint the fence from the top to bottom, getting as close to the ground as possible. Use a paintbrush to get near the ground and beside the poles, if necessary.

    Move the cardboard to the opposite side of the fence and position it on the ground, pushing down the grass. Paint any parts of the fence that were missed with the long nap roller. Use the paintbrush to touch up any missed areas near the ground or by the poles. Allow the paint to completely dry.

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