The LiL Shed That Could

2 Materials
2 Days

When you buy your first house, you buy some stupid things that you think you need,

and realize pffft what was I thinking!!

so for 30 years this lil shed thingy has been taking up real estate in my back yard.

It's been moved all around the yard and ended up shoved in the corner behind the A/C,

where it has sat for the past 15 years!

It's too small to house anything a rakes, shovels or

even a wheelbarrow so it collected used car tires!

ya like that's so practical!!

set the shed on patio stones

So I cleaned out the tires and dragged the shed to the back of the house.

Laid some patio stones down, leveled them up and

set the shed up on the stones.

see what I mean...too small for anything practical!

I mean, it's cute and everything but it's butt ugly too!!

*I snicker as an idea formulates in my devious brain*

I have left over house siding!!!

yup! that's gonna work!!!

outside and inside corner pieces installed

and I remembered to take pics of the process

yay me!!!

pic shows all of the outside and inside corner pieces

of siding installed

siding started!

me looking at this photo...

all proud of myself!!

and then I see it!!!

oh the horror!!

the lil shed isn't sitting level with the siding of the house!!


last side to be sided

never mind the levelness...

just finish the shed!


there...all done!

well...except the doors and the lid

(not too sure how I'm gonna finish those yet)

So I'm standing back, arms folded,

admiring my siding skills and feeling proud!

ta-da....this lil shed is now my new potting bench!

OH...that skid that you can see in some of the pics...

hiding behind the patio table...

it now houses all of my hand gardening tools

like trowels, rakes, dandelion weeder

and my pruning shears!!

Yup! next year's project is leveling it up and


the doors and lid!

Suggested materials:

  • Vinyl house siding  (left over from house being sided)
  • Imagination

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1 question
  • Mary Hise
    on May 2, 2020

    I love your suggested materials list.

    I'm a big fan of spray paint, why don't you paint the lid and doors either another tone of the siding color or whatever your house accent color is.

    • Nadja Stevens
      on May 3, 2020

      Mary Hise...I have more siding but not the crucial 'holding pieces' :(

      so I was just gonna screw them on LoL

      since I don't really need the doors, I was going to screw the siding on them in a herringbone pattern or something funky like that LoL

      of course, all of this is dependent on me finding the right colored screws...which is on hold right now because no stores are open.

      I can't even spray paint them until stores re-open!

      So this project is on hold for now...but I have more projects on the go...I am NOT bored at all!!! *giggle*

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  • Deb
    on May 16, 2020


  • Christina
    on May 17, 2020

    Nadja..... i think you did any awesome job. I also enjoyed very much how you wrote what you did and especially what thoughts were running through your head.

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