How do I remove stains from my bare oak table top?


I've had this round oak table for years. It was purchased as an unfinished table and then sanded to a nice smoothS finish and tung oil was applied. But then, a large crack appeared all across the top so I took it back and got another top. That's the top I have now and it's never been sanded and tung oiled. For a while, I kept a table cloth on it, not thinking that my cats who sat on it a lot might harm the wood. Over the years, some cat throw up here and there stained it in several places. For quite a while now, I've had a flannel-backed vinyl cloth over it to prevent further damage. But now I'm ready to sand and tung oil the top and I've bought a clear glass top to put on top of it when it's finished. I was told in the past that just sanding would remove the stains, but that doesn't seem to be diminishing them at all. So, what to do? A friend suggested wood bleach. Is that my solution?

q how do i remove stains from my bare oak table top

See the various stains on the oak table top.

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