Asked on Feb 26, 2020

How can I upcycle wire shelves?



we bought our 5 bedroom house in December with an eye on the future. My husband and I needed a room. My mother needed her own room, the 10 year old needed his, plus one guest room and one for when my husband and I have more kids. It made sense and was working out super well until my mother passed less than two weeks after we moved in. My way of dealing with the grief was to keep busy. I ended up completely redoing one of the bedrooms from a closet/dressing room back into a bedroom. So now I had three extra bedrooms instead of one. Pictures of the redo are below (the furniture has since been moved around since we’re trying to have a use for the extra rooms).But anyway, the room I redid had those builder grade wire shelves all around the room. I removed them and patched the walls. Now what do I do with all the wire shelves I took out? They are all different lengths, but the same width. I’d like to repurpose them if possible.

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  • Linda
    on Feb 26, 2020

    I just took some of these down too. I donated them to goodwill along with the parts.

  • Linda Sikut
    on Feb 26, 2020

    Hi Sarah,

    OH MY GOSH! I just took a bunch of those shelves out of a closet and was wondering the same thing! I've been thinking that I might be able to use them outside - maybe standing on end as a trellis? Or maybe I could put them on a wall in our basement for extra storage? I already made some of mine into a shoe rack so I went searching for other ideas. Here's a website that has some of the same, but also some other ideas. Wishing you the best!

  • I would repurpose them as a way to organize storage in the attic, basement, or garage.

  • Peggy Burnette
    on Feb 26, 2020

    Hi Sarah, I am so sorry for your loss. You could use the shelves in your garage or laundry room. If you make one of your rooms a craft room the shelves would be really handy. You could also put them in a closet. Good luck with your projects and I hope this was helpful.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    on Feb 26, 2020

    Good for you. Use in an area like garage or basement. Sell in marketplace. If you use them, put foam board or plywood down for the surface.

  • Mogie
    on Feb 26, 2020

    I reused my old wire shelves in the shower. Cut the shelves after measuring and made a 6 inch wide shelf which is water proof (vinyl coated wire). Plus being wire the water runs right thru it. It spans the top of the shower (the part against the wall). Added some much needed storage and gave new life to an old unwanted shelf.

  • Lauren of Mom Home Guide
    on Feb 26, 2020

    If you have a garage, you can use them in the garage. Or add them to a closet as extra shelving.

  • Tinyshoes
    on Feb 26, 2020

    Sarah....So sorry about your mother...we make our plans and then God's plan steps in and we kinda get lost in our "what to do now or next". God bless you and your family as you struggle with these decisions but it appears you are moving forward and that is wonderful. You have done a great job. The shelving could be used in a garage or in closets. I love the wire shelving and would replace wood shelves with it but the wood is established and nothing wrong so no need to use my time and/or effort for something at works. If you do not want then I too, would suggest a ministry, goodwill or coordinated charities. Someone some where would love to have. Even if you decide to have a yard sale I believe they would be a good seller. Good luck to you and your family and may God bless each of you.

  • Nan W.
    on Feb 26, 2020

    Sarah: sorry about your mom.

    I would 1. donate the extra shelving or 2. use in the garage

  • Pamela
    on Feb 26, 2020

    Can you put the in your garage or attic ? To hold storage ? Can you add them above the top shelf in any of your closets ?

  • Betsy
    on Feb 26, 2020

    Hi Sarah: I'm so sorry to hear of your mom's passing. Mom's are so precious, as are dads. As for your shelving, you could possibly use them outside to put plants on, turning the shelves upside down so you have a railing in the front. You could place them on bricks or blocks, or even attach them to your house or, if you have one, a privacy fence. Then again, you could donate them:) Good luck

  • GrandmasHouseDIY
    on Feb 28, 2020

    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss! Those wire shelves might be great across the top of a wall (only a foot or so down from the ceiling) for books, decor and longer term storage in other bedrooms.

  • Agnes Chrzanowska
    on Feb 28, 2020

    i am sorry :(

  • Jeremy Hoffpauir
    on Feb 29, 2020

    They work great to hold fishing poles in a garage.

  • Annie
    on Feb 29, 2020

    Oh I'm sorry about your loss, it is always difficult.

    Can you reuse the shelves in your laundry area? Or for holding kids toys in a playroom? You could always donate them, someone will get use from them

  • Louise
    on Mar 1, 2020

    Very sorry about your loss godbless.

    Do you like indoor plants? you could hang them, Add them in pots. Also use as shelfs add some baskets for storage. Maybe get some hooks an hang your bags an coat's. Looks cool. I'd use as a storage area with some greenery. Hope this helps. Just a thought :)

  • Dee
    on Mar 1, 2020

    May your mom rest in peace. You can use those shelves in the garage, a shed, or in the attic if you have a walk in attic. I put peel and stick floor tiles on mine in the garage so nothing falls through the shelves. The extra rooms can be used as an office, playroom, tv room.

  • Janice
    on Mar 2, 2020

    If you have a large pantry, they would work well by hanging upside down so you have a lip to keep items from falling off the shelves. Another thought is to use them to divide items on shelves ( would invovle some cutting, etc.). I sometimes stack towels or sweaters on shelves and thie wire shelving could be used to separate stacks.

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