Asked on Mar 7, 2020

How can I make DIY epoxy dye?

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Kinda hard to explain what i mean in the title, but in short - I live in Mauritius. Over here, most things are hard to get or just completely unavailable.I've been thinking about trying a few things with Epoxy and wood, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to look for in this stuff. The epoxy, we only have 2 brands really. I've checked both and they're just labeled as ' G P Clear Epoxy' or 'GP Epoxy Clear Adhesive'. They both say they're good for outdoors, except one is supposedly more durable. - are there any specific ingredients or anything to look for in this stuff?As for the dyes, i'd like to dye the epoxy as well as some cement. I've found a few dyes i can ship to myself for epoxy, but none that can ship here for the cement. Are there any dyes i can make myself for the epoxy or cement?I've looked at that online, but they seem a bit vague, like 'use water based paint for the cement'. is that any good? How good is it compared to a proper dye, etc?

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