Turn old T's into reusable disinfecting wipes

Instead of shelling out for Clorox, cut up your old, worn-out t-shirts to make these easy wipes. Get tutorial here

Mix up an easy disinfecting spray

All you need is vinegar, alcohol, distilled water & tea tree oil, and you're ready to disinfect your home top to bottom! Get tutorial here

Make your own toy cleaner

This natural toy cleaner takes just 5 minutes to whip up, and it'll keep your little ones safe. Get tutorial here

Make your own disposable cleaning wipes

These budget-friendly disposable wipes will ensure that you don't think twice before wiping away that mess! Get tutorial here

Use citrus peels for a bleach-free cleaner

If you're trying to avoid germs and avoid bleach at the same time, you better start saving your orange peels! Get tutorial here

Stir together vodka & soap for easy DIY wipes

It's always a good idea to have a little vodka handy in case of cleaning emergencies! Get tutorial here