Asked on Mar 10, 2020

Can I paint kitchen cabinets with chalk paint?

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hello all. Would chalk paint be ok to paint our kitchen cupboard doors?. They have a veneer finish. Thank you.

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  • Gk
    on Mar 10, 2020

    Hello Kathy! Many people choose chalk paint for their kitchen cabinets but I prefer a good quality acrylic latex paint in an enamel finish because it is more durable and will last longer in a busy kitchen. It is a paint made for cabinets and trim. The most important thing you should do before painting your cabinets is to use a primer so the paint can adhere better-normally you don't use a primer with chalk paint. Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Behr are three brands.

  • Redcatcec
    on Mar 10, 2020

    To begin with I would remove the doors and hardware and wash with warm soapy water as a prep for the project. You can chalk paint your kitchen cabinet doors but will need a top coat or wax to protect them. Keep in mind chalk paint flakes easily so a coating of your preference is needed.

  • Kathy Gunter Law
    on Mar 10, 2020

    It scratches easily, even when sealed, in my experience so I wouldn't paint my kitchen with it. I would go with something more durable. You can paint veneer with other types of paint. I usually don't sand, only scuff with fine steel wool. Then clean.

  • I have read that chalk paint does not hold up well on kitchen cabinets. A latex enamel paint would be a better choice.

  • Peggy Burnette
    on Mar 10, 2020

    Hi Kathy, here is some good news about using chalk paint on your kitchen cabinets. Search Results

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    Chalk paint is a great choice for painting laminate cabinets because it “hides” brush strokes. If you're using chalk paint for a project, you pretty much can't mess it up.Nov 14, 2016

    How to Paint Laminate Cabinets with Chalk Paint | Kate ... › easy-diy › laundry-room-progress-part-1-how...

  • Chas' Crazy Creations
    on Mar 10, 2020

    Yes, chalk paint is great for cupboard doors. Here's a video too -

  • Tinyshoes
    on Mar 10, 2020 will work for your kitchen very well. Good luck

  • K. Rupp
    on Mar 10, 2020

    Hi Kathy, I am actually not a huge fan of chalk paint. I know they say it's one of the easier paints but I think it can get really fussy and who knows how well it will hold up in a kitchen with heavy duty traffic and dirty fingers. Your best bet is to go with a cabinet paint.

    Your end product depends on the prep!!!!!! It depends on how great you want it to look in the end and if you want it to look GREAT ...believe me the PREP IS EVERYTHING.... it matters!!!! But definitely consider if these are cabinets that you will want keep for a long time and only go this route if you want to keep them for a while! The reason I say this is because this method will take a lot of your time and is tedious but will look like a professional finish job if you do it well.:

    To go all in to get a GREAT result, that means, prepping by SANDING, PRIMING(B Moore primer) and using steel wool between coats of primer(to get that super smooth finish) all BEFORE you paint. The paint.... Consider using a home paint sprayer for the job to get that super sleek pro finish. If you are putting the time in to prep the cabinets well and paint them well you will want a good paint that will last and be able to wipe down. Benjamin Moore ADVANCE!! $50 per gallon but it's so worth it!!! Use it in the sprayer! No biggy if you don't have a sprayer because the paint has self leveling properties and minimizes brush strokes. (I'm not paid to advertise...just love the product). That paint is an excellent cabinet paint and you don't need a topcoat. I seriously just wipe it down when it gets dirty.

    If you want to just change the color for a few years before you get new cabinets then there are definitely easier methods to paint them. I just wanted to give you a lasting solution in case you didn't want to deal with chipping, brush marks and lots of wear in a short few years using other methods. Good luck!

  • Pamela
    on Mar 10, 2020

    Yes , it would work fine ! Make sure you use a sealing wax afterwards ! This goes on like a stain , brush on then wipe off . It dries hard , not waxy . This will protect the cabinets , so you can clean them with our damaging the paint job .

  • Debi53
    on Mar 10, 2020

    My vote is no. Kitchen cabinets get a LOT of use and need to be cleaned. Chalk paint is great for low use items, but does not wash well. If you wax chalk paint, it will leave the wax residue which will attract grease.I don't sand kitchen cabinets, instead I clean them and use liquid sandpaper. Please use a high quality primer that is made for any surface and then follow with high quality semi-gloss paint--at least 2 coats. This will hold up for years.

  • Megan
    on Mar 11, 2020

    Hi Kathy! You absolutely can! I have painted several kitchen cabinets with chalk paint. It holds up great! I did ours two years ago. They are still great! Here is a post below on how I chalked painted kitchen cabinets. :)

  • Homeroad
    on Mar 12, 2020

    Yes you absolutely can use chalk paint. My cabinets were painted with chalk paint but sealed with a heavy duty sealer instead of wax. They have remained perfect for 7 years

  • TheHoneycombHome
    on Mar 12, 2020

    Here is how I did ours with chalk paint:

  • Simple Nature Decor
    on Mar 14, 2020

    I would use a good primer first before using chalk paint.

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