Wooden Cheese Box Decor

6 Materials
15 Minutes

Take the cheese box, measure where you want the shelf. Use scrap piece of wood, And bevel the edges( I have a large sliding compound miter saw, but the basic box type works also). Use small nails or staple gun and attach shelf. Attach a hanger or wire to back, with nails, or use a nail gun at thickest part. Hang and decorate. Paint, stain or leave natural. Try to keep the spot where the cheese box was joined at either the top or bottom to make it look nicer. Use your judgment on how to hang it and don't overload it.

Here's one in my bathroom

I've since added two little vases to top shelf. And made some crocheted cotton wash clothes I rolled up to put one bottom.

Another one in my living room

I have another one on the other side above an old ladder which has old tobacco cans on the shelf. This one is above an old drawer and I keep crystals and rocks in both.

Suggested materials:

  • Wooden cheese box  (Country grocery store)
  • Small Nails  (Home depot)
  • Hammer
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