How can I place matching tiles under a new vanity with legs?


I’m doing a bathroom remodel and bought a new vanity thats 60x21 to put in the place of my old vanity. The problem I have is my old vanity had a base at the bottom that I put tile up to the base, but not under the base of the old vanity. The new vanity has legs and so you can see under it. I really like my floor tiles and would hope to not have to remove them to finish my remodel. The problem is I only have 2-13x13 inch tiles remaining that I never installed and apparently they have been discontinued. They have a wavy edge and are textured on top. On the back they have stamped rusticos by diablo and made in EU. I can’t find any more to buy anywhere. Does anyone have a suggestion on what I could do to make this look right besides just taking up my old floor tiles and buying new tiles to re-floor my bathroom? Thanks

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