How can I replace the sorta "V" shaped part?


This is from a metal folding closet door from my 1979 house. When I took the doors down to move them to another closet, I somehow lost the V part. Second picture shows another of these parts with the V and first photo shows it installed in another closet. It's 6.5" long. I tried to get a V from Lowe's but the man I spoke to had no idea what it was and looked for something similar but didn't find anything. I found this online that's similar but a bit shorter so I don't think it will work. Also, it has a push pin instead of the V and the directions say that once it's installed, it has to be broken to be removed. I don't like that idea. Seems like since the V keeps the rod in place that something else could substitute for it. Any idea what? Or, do you know where I can buy a V or the entire part?

q how can i replace the sorta v shaped part
q how can i replace the sorta v shaped part
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