Decorated Lamps

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10 Hours

My Daughter gave me some lovely bowls from Cyprus and later let me know that a local store had a huge selection of similarly decorated ceramic vases. I immediately went out and ended up buying three of them because I could not decide on just one. I had three very basic beige based lamps and one day with nothing to do I looked at them and thought I should try to paint one of them to look like the purchased bowls and vases.

This photo shows the three bowls and two of the vases (one is in the background) that were purchased

The lamp on the right is the first one I completed and since I loved how it turned out I ended up doing the other two using different colors. The lamps were originally shiny glass so I first primed them so that the paint would adhere. After the primer dried I measured and marked off the areas with pencil lines and later painted the different colored stripes.

Adding 3 dimensional decorations and painting stripes

After painting on the colored stripes I had to use my noggin and figure out what I could do to make the white decorating details in 3 d texture. I have lots of crafting supplies here and decided to try using fabric paint and voila it worked like a charm. I first marked out the designs with pencil then added the details using the fabric paint right from the bottle.

Adding details to stripes

It was a tedious process but put me in a real zen state and allowed me to chill out of the covid19 anxiety we are all feeling. I made different loopy lines and added many thousands of dots basically just what ever came to mind.

First lamp completed

Once I finished adding all the details with the fabric paint I let the lamp sit for two days to ensure it was all dried completely. After that I brushed on a clear varnish so the whole thing would look like ceramic.

2nd lamp completed

Suggested materials:

  • Primer, "Plaid" acrylic craft paint, "Scribbles" 3D fabric paint  (my stash - but any craft store)
  • Acrylic gloss varnish  (my stash - but any craft store)

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