DIY Sign

2 materials
60 Minutes

A couple years ago my then 2 years old son got a chalkboard for his birthday. It was a nice gift and he loved it, but he got borred with it. So I packed that board with a bunch of other toys that he was't using, and took it to the attick. Recenty I found that board and decided I was gonna make a sign. 🙂


For this mini project I used:

  1. A chalkboard
  2. Acrylic paint
  3. Paint brush
  4. Marker
  5. Printed quote on a paper sheet

First I painted the chalkboard. I used simple white acrylic paint, and painted two coats on the frame and over the surfice as well. I was going for a drybrushed look on the frame, so I did that in shades of blue, gray and black. And let it dry.


I chose an image of my quote, and then searched for an online programme to transfere it to look like a picture in the mirror. I just typed "mirror image" and got a whole bunch of results. I printed it on two sheets of paper, cause my sign is quite big, so it had to be split on two pieces of paper.

Transfering the quote

I placed the paper on the surface of the board, where I wanted my quote to be, making sure that the letters are facing down. Then I took a pen ( the flat end ) and started rubbing. You have to rub really hard ( and I mean really, really hard ) so that the ink transferes to the board.

This is what it looked like once I was finished. I didn' t like the colour of the frame, so I painted it again 🙂 Used some brown acrylic paint, then did some drybrushing over with some light grey.

Painting the letters

Then I grabbed my marker and went over the letters with it. I used just a plain, black, marker, cause I couldn't find paint marker. Otherwise, I would have used that one.

And the finished look 🙂

Suggested materials:

  • Marker
  • Chalkboard

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