Make natural & reusable wetwipes

In just a few minutes you can put together these nice smelling, eco-friendly wipes. You'll need a flannel shirt, castile soap and essential oil. Get tutorial here

Use vodka to make this spray or gel

There are 7 easy steps to put this sanitizer together. The vegetable glycerin and essential oils used also help to moisturize dry or sensitive skin. Get tutorial here

DIY these cleaning wipes

Use an old cotton T shirt and a mason jar to mix just a few ingredients to make sanitizing cleaning wipes. They can last 3-4 weeks if stored correctly. Get tutorial here

Make a sanitizing spray

In order to help kill germs, this DIY uses a high % alcohol to create a solution that is 60 % alcohol. Lemon essential oil makes it pleasant smelling. Get tutorial here

Clean & Disinfect with these

A full paper towel roll is used to make these disinfecting wipes, best used for cleaning surfaces. Get tutorial here

Make your own alcohol + alternatives

Useful instructions for making hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes. Also learn how to make your own alcohol. Get tutorial here

Use old shirts & towels for these

These vinegar based, non-toxic, reusable cleaning wipes will come in handy for surface wiping. A non vinegar based recipe also included here. Get tutorial here

Mix up this aloe based gel

A video will guide you through the simple steps to make this aloe hand sanitizer. A funnel will help you pour the aloe into the empty soap container. Get tutorial here

Soak a paper towel roll to make these

These homemade disposable cleaning wipes are made by soaking a paper towel role in a solution of water, vinegar, dish soap, and tea tree oil. Get tutorial here

Bring back winter with this

Winter scents fill the air when you use this hand sanitizer, made with wintergreen and peppermint essential oil. Get tutorial here