Hvac issue and need assistance


I have been battling hvac problems for awhile. I live in an all electric home. I have a heat pump with back up emergency heat. The system is all in the ceiling (via spacepak)of my tri-level home. The issue I have is that my heat pump will run outside but the air handler will not turn on inside UNTIL the aux heat kicks in. Had a couple warm days and wanted to test the a/c...same thing. Outside unit would run and the fan wouldnt come

on inside. I turned just the fan on and it finally kicked on after a few minutes. I then shut it down and tried again after a bit...nothing. I kick on the aux heat and the fan immediately comes on but i just cant get it to run with just heat pump or a/c...have tried to get a new system but I cant seem to get people around here to want to mess with it.

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