Budget Friendly Bathroom Update

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4 Days

My kid's bathroom has been plain and boring since the day we have moved in a couple of years ago. We literally only hung a shower curtain up....that's it.

Everything about it was gray. Gray walls, gray rug, gray shower curtain, gray floors. I couldn't wait to add some life and color into it.

Since we have been stuck at home, I couldn't quite go to the store to get paint samples and see which ones I liked best. But I have been dying to get some dark green on at least one of the walls in my house. So I took to the internet to find the best dark green colors.

Paint Choice

Of course, there were so many good options. However, I chose Benjamin Moore Salamander.

It seemed like the perfect mix of dark green but still had a little bit of brightness to it. So I did curbside pick up at my local Rodda paint store and went right to work.

First up Board and Batten

Now, I always try to do EVERYTHING on a budget. So this whole bathroom makeover was as cheap as I could do it. These 2.5 inch strips of MDF were some left overs from another project. The 4 inch MDF top was a left over trim piece from when we were building our house. So the only thing I paid for on this wall treatment was an $11 quart of paint. That was a definite win for me.

Another design detail I wanted to add to this bathroom was some cross decals to the top of the wall. I used a level to measure the decals 15 inches apart along the row and 8 inches apart in between each row. Of course, I didn't want to spend money on buying these decals, so I found some black tape I had in my craft room to make the crosses.

Wooden Dowel Towel Holders

These cute wooden dowels were one of my favorite features. They are 1 inch and I cut them at a 30 degree angle. Before I put up the top trim piece, I drilled in some 1 1/2 inch screws at an angle. I was thinking I could just screw the dowels into them. However, that didn't quite work as I had hoped. I ended up having to drill a pilot hole into the dowels that was a little bigger than the screw. Then I put some wood glue down that hole and on the back of the dowel and hammered it on.

Adding a Frame to the Mirror and Updating Lighting

Before this bathroom refresh, the mirror did not have a frame around it. I used a 1x2 that I had on hand and cut it down to the size I wanted for the mirror. The last thing that was left was spray painting the lighting and the towel holder black.

Add Some Decor

I topped off this refresh with a lot of homemade decor. The wall hangings and stool were all DIY and all completed the look with this new shower curtain from Target. Overall, I spent around $15 on this update. However, if you didn't have all of these things on hand this cosmetic refresh could be don'e for around $70.

Suggested materials:

  • 1/2 in. mdf boards  (Home Depot)
  • Benjamin Moor Paint  (Rodda Paint)

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  • Pam
    on Apr 20, 2020

    how did you get the tape cut all the exact same size and how did you get the crosses all the way up to the corner in the tub area ???

    • Stephanie
      on Apr 28, 2020

      So it is actually not a decal. I used a sewing rotary mat and some black tape I had on hand. I just did strips on tape on the rotary mat and then cut it with a rolling cutter every 2 inches. If you are on instagram and go to @frommhouselove I have it saved in my highlights!

  • Trina Davis Strong
    on Apr 20, 2020

    I love it. But up close what does that tape look like? Is it electrioners tape?

  • Raine Foster
    on May 3, 2020

    How did you attach the MDF to the wall??.thanks

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  • Stephanie
    on Apr 28, 2020

    Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

  • Anna Ibarra
    on May 3, 2020

    Love the board and batten. I love black and white so much. I would do it more, but I use color as I wasn't the only person in my house. I did something like this in what was my daughters bathroom. Almost the same cost, as I used left over material from planking bathroom ceiling and hallway as I had a major a/c leak and there went the ceiling. Right into the tub. Luckily no one was in it. So out of the bad luck and fortunately for me insurance covered most, I went fancy and planked the whole ceiling and hallway and use tongue and groove planks and I got lucky that they had just recived a new shipment and many was warped and I took that was well as I loved the huge knots in them and that is what I end up doing to the bathroom walls. I did that on my own. The ceiling was contracted out. Love the look, but I painted my white. But I love your hooks and will go to instagram to see your pics.

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