Put these together without a sewing machine

Try this no-sew technique. Use a bandana and pony tail hoilders. Follow directions carefully for 2 different ways to make these. Get tutorial here

Use quilting cotton fabric

Use 2 different patterns so the mask isn’t mistakenly put on inside out after possible contamination. Add a pipe cleaner or 20 gauge wire for nose piece. Get tutorial here

Upcycle shirts or paper towel

Use breathable material (like a Tshirt or paper towel) and a bendable metal wire (clothes hanger). Shape the wire, add fabric and rubber bands. Get tutorial here

Use a template to save time

Save time when making several masks with a handy template. Add ties and elastic, sew and complete. Get tutorial here

DIY yours with a wire nose support

A beginner can make these. Watch the video tutorial to help guide you. Use 100% cotton non-stretchy fabric & download the templete. Get tutorial here

Add pretty elastic edging

Add a pretty touch by adding decorative edging. Follow the clear steps in this DIY to make your masks in no time. Get tutorial here

Make them in bulk

Efficiently make a big batch of reusable face masks with the help of a detailed video tutorial. The masks can be made into any size required. Get tutorial here