Create a Quick and Easy No-Sew Face Mask

2 Materials
10 Minutes

With the likelihood that we’ll be wearing masks for a while, I wanted to come up with a simple, no-sew mask that anyone could make. This mask utilizes materials you probably already have at home and doesn’t even require you to pick up a needle to put it together. It also is open on the sides, allowing you to slip in a filter if you want to. I’ve also added a quick tutorial about how to jazz up a plain mask with a removable filter.

DIY No-Sew Face Mask

Tools and Materials

  • Cotton fabric
  • Mask pattern
  • Scissors
  • Pins or clips
  • Fabric glue
  • Elastic 
  • Hot glue

Cut out the Mask

Cut out the Mask

First I cut out a piece from each fabric according to the pattern. As you can see, one side should be a little bit longer than the other side. I also gave a little extra room than the original pattern calls for. I did this because glue tends to use a bit more fabric than a thread and needle, and I didn’t want the mask to be too tight as a result. 

Mask Pattern

Glue Each Piece

Glue Each Piece

I used two different types of glue for this project. The first one was a non-toxic, machine washable fabric glue. Because it’s going to be so close to your mouth and nose you really want to use something that’s non-toxic for this project, so make sure that both the fabric glue and glue sticks are non-toxic. I lay out the white fabric and the floral fabric and folded them in half so that the side that would become the inside was facing me. Then, using both glues, I applied a thin line of glue along the curved edge of the mask and glued them together. Do this to both pieces of fabric and check for holes once the glue has dried.

Glue the Two Pieces Together

Glue the Two Pieces Together

For this part I had the two finished sides facing each other. We are going to eventually turn this inside out, and then the finished parts will be on the outside. I pinned the pieces together to make sure that they wouldn’t move around. 

Glue Along the Bottom

Then I glued along the top and bottom of the mask, leaving the sides open. As before, I used a thin line of fabric glue and hot glue to make sure nothing would budge.  

Once the glue had dried I flipped the mask inside out and poked around a bit to make sure that there weren’t any holes.

Attach Elastic

Attach Elastic

I had accidentally cut my elastic too short, so I had to tie a few pieces together, but in general you only need to cut one piece for each side. I like to leave a knot on the outside piece of the elastic so that I can adjust if needed. I placed the elastic on the edge of the mask and glued it with a hot glue gun, folding down the edge of the fabric over it. I only folded the floral fabric down over the glue. This would allow me to slip in a filter later if I wanted to. 

Quick No-Sew Face Mask

That’s it! This mask is so quick and easy to make that I have already made a few for myself to be able to rotate when I need to clean them. 

Now I’ll show you how to make a plain black mask a bit more fashionable. This project does use a needle and tread, but you don’t need to have any prior sewing experience to be able to pull this one off. 

Embellished Face Mask

Tools and Materials

  • Fabric mask
  • Faux Pearls
  • Needle
  • Thread
Pull the Needle Through

I thread my needle and pulled it through the mask. I made sure that I was only going through the front layer of the mask and not going through the filter itself. 

Attach a Bead

Then I put my needle through one of the faux pearls, and went back down through the fabric. I repeated this process a few times to make sure that the pearl was secured to the mask and wasn’t going anywhere. 

Go Back Through the Mask

Then I continued with this process until I felt like there were enough beads on the mask for my liking. You can do with any kind of bead, I think sequins would look pretty cool, thought I myself am partial to pearls. 

That’s it! Two quick tutorials for how to create and style face masks. I hope you’re all staying safe out there!

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3 questions
  • Catherine Finch
    on May 2, 2020

    Where did you get the pattern?

    • Dawn
      on May 10, 2020

      Where did you get the pattern for the mask.

  • Carol Cole
    on May 2, 2020

    Thank you, where did the filter come from and how did you put that on.

    ? I must of missed something.

    • Shirley
      Just now

      I used a piece of very stiff Pellon interfacing for a filter.

  • Lillie
    on May 2, 2020

    Do you have to use hot glue gun if you are not in a hurry ?

    • Kelsley Broomfield
      on May 3, 2020

      Hi Lillie! No you do not, the fabric glue bond is actually stronger than the hot glue and works well over time! Hope this helps :)

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  • Randal
    on May 4, 2020

    I sew mine, but good tips. You are indeed a lovely lady also if you don't mind my saying so.

  • Sjt29229935
    on May 5, 2020

    I am a nurse and have a few basic comments about masks and protection. I think your first mask is ok only because it is glued. Not sure how long the seams will hold, but, better than stitching and some of the fabric glue is pretty good. Other than that, it does not seal well and there are many, many places for the virus to enter....and exit. Although the pearls add a bit of fun to the black mask, I don't think it is wise to compromise the integrity of masks by sewing on them. Every time you add a needle puncture anywhere to a mask, you create an opening for the extremely tiny virus to sneak through. I know you said you didn't puncture the filter, but I wouldn't give the virus ANY additional openings. This is why a N95 is heat sealed and there are no punctures. Even at that, it is not 100% effective only about 95%, hence the 95. Read a little on the subject of microbiology. Believe me, I know all too well the scarcity of N95's, but, if you are going to wear a mask, at least, wear something that will do some good and that has the best design available. As I said,I am a nurse and when it comes to my life and that of my family, friends and others, I would much prefer safety over fashion. Glue whatever on if vanity is more important than health. In reality, people should also be wearing face shields. The eyes are another portal of entry and the plastic affords an additional barrier along with the mask. The majority of the PPE's both inside and outside of the hospitals only provide minimal protection. Anything is better than nothing, however, in numerous instances, they are about as good as nothing. Sorry to be a real Debbie Downer, but, on this subject, I see too many people out there promoting fashion forward, homemade masks that give wearers, and people they come in contact with, minimal protection and false security. Do your research. Thanks for reading my ranting. Be safe and stay healthy. My prayers to all.

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